Recore Xbox One vs Xbox One X Definitive Edition 4K Graphics Comparison

Cyckiewicz writes: Recore during its release has struggled with several major issues such as avarage graphics and quite many technical bugs which took fun out of that game quite a bit. But here we are looking at Recore Definitive Edition heading to Xbox One consoles and PC with greatly improved visuals and hopefully all glitches removed.
Let’s compare original game running on Xbox One S and latest 4K footage presented during Gamescom 2017, supposedly powered by Xbox One X.
So what do you guys think, nothing SweetFX can’t handle, huh?

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Obscure_Observer357d ago


Unspoken357d ago

Impressive MS, so many enhanced games at launch.

lxeasy357d ago

Wow that's a pretty big difference.

mark_parch357d ago

these are actually really noticeable improvements. I'm impressed

corroios357d ago

Will they do this in every game. Really does somone think that crap wil be better at 4k or at higher rez. it will be from 1080 p crap to 4k crap. Because of rez people will buy the games? will buy flops?

OffRoadKing357d ago

And just like the Pro people will pointlessly go out and spend money on the xbone X, only this time they'll waste even more money.

Obscure_Observer357d ago


Yeah, dude. People are dumb, you´re smart. Happy?

Auron357d ago

its not just the resolution that was bumped up so are the textures and lighting.

Chris12357d ago

Poor old corroios, the anti MS troll who spends all day downplaying everything MS. What will be the next thing you have never played that you're going to criticise? Clearly nothing to play on his PS4 must suck

jmetalhead77812357d ago

Pity these people. Pity them because it's obvious that their lives are completely miserable. They make themselves feel better for a brief moment bashing not only XB/MS, but the people who chose and enjoy gaming on XB/MS. It must suck to live like that...

OT: I'm really looking forward to running through this again. I have game pass, so I'll be starting it up Tuesday. Despite the bugs I actually enjoyed the game for the most part. It looks great. Can't wait!

corroios357d ago

dude, its easy to trool when you dont have nothing to say. Cant handle the truth dont came here. People have opinions and this is the place to talk about games.

I know you want comments saying amazing, out of this world, but thats not the reality. For that go read Aaron Greeberg and is amazing comments.

«clearly nothing to play on his PS4» - Something that just sheep could say and put the word PS4. You must not be a gamer or only have a Xbox to play, where the last and only exclusive this year was the amazing Halo Wars 2 in february. Wait i know, next month you gonna play crackdown... Wait. Nope. thats not it. Next month you are gonna play Sea of thieves.... wait no. State of decay no not really. Must i go on.

jmetalhead77812357d ago

@ corroios

What's sad is, you spend so much of your time complaining about something you have no interest in. I don't know what your gaming choices are, and quite frankly I don't really care, but whatever it is I hope you enjoy it. 90% of my gaming is played on Xbox and I love it. I don't have much interest in PS and zero interest in PC gaming. That's where it ends though. I don't have an opinion on either. Who cares what people chose to game on?

Chris12357d ago

These trolls have nothing better to do than hate on something they have zero interest, it's laughable. Where else in life does this shit happen? They are a complete joke but do provide some decent laughs every day.

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LP-Eleven357d ago

Doesn't require $500. It's a free upgrade to existing owners and $20 for people who don't own it. It also won't require the One X to spot the differences.

I mean, why moan about fixes?

zaherdab357d ago

Nice! didnt know its a free upgrade

XStation4pio_Pro357d ago

They can’t stand that ms has a better machine so they have to ratchet up the hate, downplay anything good and place extra importance on things like exclusives. Kinda like when people have small peepees they buy big trucks and act like douches. Don’t mention that the one x already sold out either cuz then they’ll just say they only had 10 of them to sell so it look is good. So stupid. Curious don’t you think? On n4g specifially the anti Xbox comments and news stories dominate since Sunday. Seems like compensation at this point.

OffRoadKing356d ago

"Xbox One X Definitive Edition 4K Graphics", its right there in the title, are you blind? But you're right about one thing the differences are so settle that getting the xbone x for it is pointless. And how is saying its not worth buying an xbone for "moaning"? calm down.

OffRoadKing356d ago


More powerful doesn't necessarily mean better. And speaking of not being able to stand stuff how come you get all bent when someone makes a simple statement like this isn't worth spending $500 for. For the record if it was PS Pro I'd say the same thing, hopefully that makes you feel better. Now calm down and go drive your monster truck.

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bluefox755357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

This is all you get for double the price? lol

Prince_TFK357d ago

What did you expect? For them to give you a free BMW along with free updated graphic of the game?

link2Dpast357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Being owned by a billion dollar conglomerate company I don't see why that's such a far stretch. I always said it it being a true 4k system I give them a thumbs up but the fact it's main selling point is 4k I give them two thumbs down. 4k sets are a hefty price to pay, on top of the purchase of the system. So if we switch you your comment a little and say a 46" 4k tv , yes they could of actually gave them away with a purchase of the system or at least cover a percentage of the tv.

XStation4pio_Pro357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

The game is $20 and if you already have it the upgrade is free. All th upgrades are free. And the console is $100 more than the $299 base console. Reign in the hyperbole, your fanboy is showing. More importantly, if you don’t care about it, why should it but you that other people do? They took something that was broken, fixed it and give it away for free and people complain. Millennial nation.

Bigpappy357d ago

No. There are over 100 more where this came from. Most actually even better. What are you mad about? It's not for everyone.

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