9.2 Reviews Sonic Chronicles

""Hmm…" Said some bright spark from Sega, A rainy Wednesday afternoon, after one critical hammering of Sonic Riders -Sonia's attempt at Mario Kart- too many. "How about we rip-off Mario & Luigi as well? I hear Bioware are free…" Unfortunately, the other staff aren't listening, and decided they'll realise a Sonic version of Mario Tennis instead. Then a sequel to Sonic Riders. When… All of a sudden, Mr. Sonic RPG Charges in, flings his arms across the computers where SEGA Employees are lazily hammering away at the keyboards# developing a new Sonic game with a Sword or something#, and declares a halt. The tells them that Bioware want to make a Sonic game, and will me more then willing to let Sega help them. "It could be your annual Sonic game position taken! Honest! IT'LL WORK!!" This makes Sega commission it straight away, and so Sonic Chronicles takes form Mr. Bioware-"Heart"-Sonic=Game-Babies gets a place in history."

Review at link bellow, scored 92%

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