DMC: Devil May Cry - Reboot Retrospective writes:

''Fans can be great. They can enhance franchises, allowing creators to get an idea where the next game is heading. They’ll purchase a game without question, supporting it to no end. But what happens when those same fans feel betrayed? How much power can a fan base over the future of a series?''

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earlygreenway608d ago

I have to admit, the reboot character designs were a bit douchy.

PixelGateUk608d ago

his tone was a bit unbearable at times, thankfully the game itself is pretty damn good

annoyedgamer608d ago

I thought it was funny, defiantly unique.

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stefan_771607d ago

This was the only DMC I enjoyed

DedicatedDark607d ago (Edited 607d ago )

Still sucks.

It could've been considered decent if it was another game, but as a DMC game. No.