Mass Effect: Andromeda Female Protagonist Stars in Alternate Launch Trailer

J Station X: Mass Effect: Andromeda female protagonist Sara Ryder stars in an 'alternate' launch trailer for the game which features enemies, romance and squadmates.

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crxss631d ago

so the trailer shows before day 1 patch Sara Ryder...

631d ago
datriax631d ago

Ya but...... who cares anymore?

Sam Fisher631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

I got to laugh i read these reviews on the quotes they are msging on the ads, they mention that but forget to put the rest, which usually has a .."but.." after these comments Lmao they really trying to make this game look good. Best part, not a single "10/10 or 5/5 ; insert review company here ". I love it

Critic4l_Strik3631d ago

I'll wait to get it for free just like they did for ME2

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