WAR Online dev promises EU fans smooth Thursday launch

Paul Barnett, creative director of MMORPG Warhammer Online, has promised European players that developer Mythic is "trying really hard" to ensure sign-up problems experienced in the open beta are not repeated when the game is officially released this Thursday.

In an interview with Barnett moved to reassure fans that Mythic is doing everything it can to prevent a repeat performance later this week.

He said: "That was one of those things where you go 'it's definitely going to work, everything on paper says it's going to work, oh my God it's melted!'. It's better that it happened in the sign up beta period than it happened live. What it did do was make a lot of humble pie, and a lot of knuckles got wrapped and a lot of people were told to make sure it never ever happens again. So thank the lords, the Lords of Chaos, that it didn't happen on live live, it only happened on pretend live."

He added: "Everyone's working really hard, and if it happens again we're going to feed people to sharks. Probably German sharks because they would be very efficient. We're very unhappy that it was bumpy. We're happy that we've punished people and tried really hard to do it better."

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Saint Sony3409d ago

Lets hope this is equally good with WoW.. or better.

Baka-akaB3409d ago

It's already better imo , after discovering the game through open beta . WoW offer far more quests , but had many patchs and close to two addons now , as helpers .

WAR's focus is an awesome RvR pvp system , along with simple and fun pvp scenario , but still offer a more than decent pve offering .

Unlike wow's pve , you actually start questing against NPC of the opposing factions of you race , wich for the whole experience is far cooler than dealing with traitors or the local animals most of the time in wow .

One of the starter orcs quests in WAR involves you putting a dwarf's severed head on a stick , and a dark elve one involves you capturing an High Elf ennemy ... while in WoW you starts with mostly ingredients chores , and killing some local bandits and critters .