New Tekken 6 Characters Revealed

Two new characters will be joining The King of Iron Fist Tournament.

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Winter47th3474d ago

Bryan Fury should have no trouble stomping'em.

sumfood4u3474d ago

I dunno about the Final Boss Lately they tend to get out of hand. Azerial or somethign like like looks like a Boss Fight from DMC4 or something. but IMO LiLi FTW!

Sitdown3474d ago

what is going on with the double word usage? "they they" and "like like look like"

Jamegohanssj53474d ago

I hope Servay Dragon is in. He was freaking serious business, but Hworang owned all.


AngryXbot3474d ago

Armor King
Feng Wei

are my characters.
The best fighter just got even better. My guess is PS3 title will see Bloodline revolution instead of the "normal" Tekken 6.

air13474d ago

who cares tekken sucks. killer instinct is it.

Rick Astley3474d ago

Killer Instinct lol. One of the most mediocre fighting game franchises ever. The only people that really care about it are the ones that constantly get their asses kicked in Tekken and Street Fighter.

BigKev453474d ago

Tekken is lame. Soul Caliber FTW!

Rick Astley3474d ago

Soulcalibur IV got boring after a week. Tekken is the most played 3D fighting franchise ever. Just check Youtube.

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The story is too old to be commented.