PS3 'Alone In The Dark' Changes Not Guaranteed For Xbox 360 Gamers

MTV Multiplayer's Patrick Klepek reports:

"Eden Games is making some much needed control, camera and inventory changes to "Alone in the Dark" before it arrives on PlayStation 3.

These changes are in direct response to criticisms of the Xbox 360 version. At the Leipzig Games Convention, Eurogamer reported news of a patch so Xbox 360 owners could enjoy the same changes.

While checking out the tweaked "Alone in the Dark" in a San Francisco hotel yesterday, game designer Emile Morel couldn't explicitly promise such a patch was coming."

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Bnet3433536d ago

lol no its not this game sucks

HighDefinition3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

To me atleast, it sounds like the changes have made it better. They "overhauled" alot of the game I guess.


Silellak3536d ago

Not really a diss, it's just a profit-based decision from the developers.

If the cost of the 360 patch is greater than the likely profits from the patch, then the patch won't be made.

Likely the same reason PS3 games don't retroactively add trophies, 360 Eternal Sonata won't have the PS3 enhancements, etc. It's not a "diss". It's business.

Harry1903536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

there are certain things that they can't change through a patch .I believe it was what they said in a previous interview. It has to do with some technical problems.

lordgodalming3536d ago

I don't own a 360, but I'm still a little annoyed on 360 owners' behalves. Eden Games released a broken game, and to fix it for one system only borders on criminal.

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meepmoopmeep3536d ago

conspiracy theory, maybe ;)

Veronica Belmont3536d ago

PS3 users dont care about the changes Im doubtful 360 users will even notice.

bluecapone3536d ago

not enough to save this terrible game

THC CELL3536d ago

xbox will always be happy with there betas

Drekken3536d ago

LOL... xbox users get their betas on dvd!

TheMART3536d ago

Saying that makes you feel better always getting games the last, or even some old leftovers?

I've played Bioshock 1.5 year before you will on the PS3. Pathetic.

BTW Alone in the Dark sucks. It will on the PS3 also. They just try to sell the game to those PS3 tards that think: "OMG it will be so good on the PS3 and the 360 doesn't get the 'tweaked' stuff yeah!"

The game isn't good period.

PoSTedUP3536d ago

i herd the story is epic but the controls was bad, now if they are improving the controls, wouldn't that make it a better game? i think it would..... matter in fact... it would.

cemelc3536d ago

The game didnt suck the controls did, the story was great.

Leftovers uh?If that game gets an 8 and ill be PMing you with a big laugh, i can give a preview right now "thx for testing the beta, the real version was great".

The complete version will also include thx for: Eternal Sonata, look at this:

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