Stargate Worlds dev reveals post-launch content plans

FireSky studio head Dan Elggren has revealed post-release content plans for upcoming sci-fi MMO Stargate Worlds.

Subscribers can expect a level cap increase from 50 to 52, new story lines, new worlds, new abilities and new armour sets, all for free.

He told "We're actually adding post-live content. We're actually developing some of that post-live content before we launch. That's going to consist of new story lines, new worlds, new creatures to fight, as well as we're looking at adding two more levels, so going from 51, 52 and then so on and so forth. So that's new abilities, new armour sets and new ways of exploring the universe as well."

Content of this type, categorised as mini episodes and seasons, will be free, Elggren confirmed.

Elggrin said: "If we move to Atlantis or another universe, then we'll have a boxed Atlantis expansion. But mini episodes and seasons, that's going to be free content that we're just going to hand out."

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Muff1nB4k3r3571d ago

Considering they're canceling SGA, which is perhaps my most fav tv series of all time, I guess all us Stargate diehards on this site, if there are any can enjoy free updates on something stargate related rather than watching reruns. = /

jerethdagryphon3571d ago

but we will be getting stargate universe

and atlantis will be around in movie dvd format ocasionally

still i want to play my gould anubast