StarCraft Still Patched After 10 Years

While we have seen new patches far after game releases, it's still really amazing to see Blizzard dishing out patch updates 10 years after game release! This is true dedication to games, and other game developers should feel inspired by them.

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Wuushu3326d ago


(It's just another thing that sets blizzard apart from the rest)

solar3326d ago

Half Life 1 got a patch a couple months ago and that was released in 98. Blizzard and Valve are the only two developers that stress taking care of their games and customers.....years after titles are released.

Leord3326d ago

Oh, really, I didn't know that Valve was "one of the good guys" as well!. Amazing though as it is that anyone does it.

solar3326d ago

yes, Valve is truley one of the greatest developers ever. they constantly release AAA titles and support them well after release. dont listen to the ps3 fanboys hatred towards Valve on this site. how u can call a developer "lazy and horrible" with their track record is mind boggling.

its pure hatred because they dont have the resourses to learn the ps3 tech. Valve is only a lil over 100 ppl strong and they cant afford the resources to develop ps3 games. and Gabe think its a "disaster" and i have to agree to some extent becuase it is still lagging behind the 360. Valve is a great company.

jidery3325d ago

Criterion has realy started this trens and is showing it with burnout paradise, the only console game i can think of that has free content patches.

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player_729853326d ago

Blizzard is an awesome company! I never would've imagined that they'd keep a game up to date after so long! Hats off to Blizzard, they truely deserve it for being so awesome!

Leord3326d ago

I'm really interested to see what they d with SC1 in 5 years from now.

Could they possibly STILL be updating by then? o.O

thetamer3326d ago

I love seeing people continuing to support games long after they've been released. People should take a leaf out of their book.

Dorjan3326d ago

" Fixed a communication bug affecting third party leagues."

They fixed a bug, that only helps 3rd party stuff?? Amazing...

*starts a slow clap*

Leord3326d ago

Yeah, that's forking insane! What other company does that?!

Terrice3326d ago

True, I think its great that they support these third party software with a friendly patch.

Elly3326d ago

So they should. If they want loyal fans then they need to reciprocate.

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The story is too old to be commented.