COD4 Variety maps going half-price

Eurogamer reports that Infinity Ward will be reducing the cost of the Variety Map Pack by half and dishing out double experience to anyone playing Call of Duty 4 online this weekend.

The offer starts tomorrow and ends Sunday on Xbox Live, according to IW community liaison Robert Bowling. PS3 owners can expect the same treatment next weekend.

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Fishy Fingers3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Good news for those who dont already own it, the only problem is the "matchmaking", I bought the pack at it's release and have logged a good 70 hours on COD4 since and I have never even played one of the four levels.

BattleAxe3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Thats because the 4th one (I think you're talking about KillHouse) is only playable in cage matches and on Team Tactical matches.

It would be awesome if Infinity Ward were to come out with another map pack this christmas.

PoSTedUP3601d ago

nah i played killhouse free4all b4 in a public match. the match making does suck cause i only got to play that one like 3 times.

M337ING3601d ago

They're still making you pay on the console versions?

The map pack has been free on the pc for nearly half a year already...

BattleAxe3601d ago

They have to give the PC version free map packs otherwise there'd be no reason to play the game on PC. PC gaming is dead.

PainisCupcake3601d ago

Content for PC has always been free, look at all the extra TF2 content on Steam.

M337ING3601d ago


There's over 30,000 players on the PC version right now, hardly dead.

boodybandit3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

World of Warcraft says hi.
There are more people playing that game daily on the PC than people on XBL or PSN in any given country. Now mind you I am not saying on XBL or PSN all around the globe daily "but any given" country. There are over 10 million users on WoW and That is WOW!

Personally I have never played the game but I know a few people that have since it has launched and they haven't stopped. Just is just one game for the PC. That in itself tells me PC gaming is hardly dead.

I myself am a console gamer. I stopped PC gaming 5 years ago. Too expensive for a guy like me that suffers from upgradeitis / I just got have the latest and greatest all the time.

BattleAxe3601d ago

Yeah, but its not gamers that are playing WoW and SecondLife, its people with no lives.

boodybandit3600d ago

why most of my friends that play WoW online have a higher XBL gamerscore than me? I admit my gamerscore isn't that high (28k) but I game often.

BattleAxe3600d ago

Because your friends have no lives. Oh yeah, speaking of XBOX 360, check this out....

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gaminoz3601d ago

Fantastic news!!! I just got some points for my bday!


there coming this week and trophies,and they were picked by the BATTLEFIELD owners on there website.everyone i talk to is getting out of cod4 and getting on BAD COMPANY.i think that is why the maps are gettig a price cut.but no matter what they do they cant come close to the madness in BAD COMPANY.O N L I N E D E S T R U C T I O N !!

jobboy3601d ago

no way for my copy imported from UK and the blus code doesnt match the pack on my store...what a pity i would have given a try!!

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