Crysis: Custom Map Introduces The City Life

GameXtract writes "Crysis, and Warhead is all about an island with jungle terrain, and with the new conflict of aliens we now have ice too. With an engine as sexy as the Cry Engine surely someone can put the system to good use to create a more urban setting. Jlim is the team leader of a custom singleplayer map known as City Assault. The map takes an urban approach with lots of buildings, and city like objects making this map one kickass project. No longer are you strained to trees, bushes, grass, and mountains. It's time to got all out in the streets of a large city. Don't get too excited yet as the map is still in development, but the team leader has revealed some great screenshots.

I need to further mention that nano suites were made for free running. The perfect combo of speed, armor, and jump puts this game in a genre it was never intended for. The second video after the jump shows off the creator of the map taking the nano suite out for some roof jumping. This will convince me to download this custom map once released. Take a look at the screenshots, and free running videos after the jump."

Videos, and screenshots after the jump.

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