Battlefield 1's Single Player Campaign Has 7 Episodes & 20 Missions

OnlySP: A leak from a couple months ago has proven true and gives us a better idea of how much content is included in Battlefield 1’s single player campaign.

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UCForce443d ago

Ok, that's something I want to hear.

starchild443d ago

Yeah, sounds great. I can't wait for this game.

TacticAce443d ago

I bet its like 5 hours long...

REDGUM443d ago

somewhere between 7&8hrs long is my guess. Longer would be prefered of course.

Worst case, pleased don't be less than 5hrs.

Deadpooled441d ago (Edited 441d ago )

I guess each episode on average 1 and a half hours long, so around 10-11 hours in total. However every year there are always players who speed run through the whole campaign on the easiest mode just to give a very low total hours figure, just for fanboys to fall for the trollbait and throw shit at each other.

TheEvilResident1997443d ago

Really listen to u people this game looks like trash I bet the campaign is 4 hours long and u idiots will buy into it gamers are so stupid these days.

UCForce443d ago

Look, I understand what you mean.

REDGUM443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

@ TheEvilResident1997.
Go play your COD game kid. Let the adults play the mature games!

UCForce443d ago

Well, I don't expect BF 1 campaign going to be long. I just wonder how Dice nail the story. And I aware their reputation of BF campaigns.

TheEvilResident1997443d ago

I wasn't bashing you just the game and some of these suckers.

REDGUM443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

It's unfair to bash a game that hasn't been released yet. That said, everyone is right to thier own opinion!

I apologise for being critical of your opinion!

Deadpooled441d ago

"Really listen to u people this game looks like trash"

*Sees recent campaign trailer* (although no real indicator of how the campaign is going to be, but you used the word 'looks')

Can't take your opinion seriously sorry.

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smolinsk443d ago

Yes man, there you go:) love it....

ShadowKnight443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

Rather play this than every year COD 🐎💩

TheEvilResident1997443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

I'd rather play the crappiest game instead of playing this or COD.

Koopdogg443d ago

Why the FUDD are you here then,spouting out rubbish,go play your Sims game or go outside and play in your sandbox

Shubhendu_Singh443d ago

So excited to play this but I am realist.
BF campaigns generally had been of lower tier when compared to COD's campaign.

This time I am very sure DICE will have a lots of room to play with this setting. I really really want this campaign to be amazing.

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bamillington443d ago

gonna be best game for a few years just like bf4 before it

TheEvilResident1997443d ago

Best game lol right far from it.

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