Tool Confirmed For Guitar Hero: World Tour

Kotaku: Stop asking, Tool fans. Actually, stop endlessly whining, because you've got your wish: Tool will be appearing in Guitar Hero: World Tour. Not literally appearing, mind you, as they won't be in-game characters, but they will have an in-game arena, which they co-designed and which will highlight "the art style that has become a staple in their music videos, live shows and album artwork". The songs featured are all of the more recent variety (no Forty-Six & 2, sorry), with Parabola and Schism from Lateralus joined by Vicarious, from 10,000 Days.

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monkey6023753d ago

Haha Tool fans, some of the most arrogant and devoted fans in the world.. I should know. I'm one of them

Lou-Cipher3753d ago

Guitar Hero World Tour just became the best option for my guitar,drums,and microphone needs.

Jamegohanssj53753d ago

So you guys will put a horrible band like Tool in the game, but you won't put the greatest band NIN's in the game? GTFO Red Octane just GTFO.


UNCyrus3753d ago

wait... you're a NIN fan yet have a Gilmore Girls avatar? I'm so confused... o.O

thereapersson3753d ago

Your comment is ridiculous

cr33ping_death3753d ago

lol cyrus :) he probably has multiple personalities.

RevN8r3752d ago

NIN is in Rock Band, all of the DLC will work in RB2.

I want Tool though, so I'll buy GH:WT with the guitar, the RB2 disk and the Ion drumset. I've already got the original Rock Band controllers, so I'll have the best of everything, right?

mfwahwah3750d ago

I love Tool, but I HATE NIN with a passion. I can not stand that crap music.

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Johnny Rotten3753d ago

TOOL has one of the best drummers around next to Neil Peart of course!

toolhead4life3753d ago

Pretty cool that they'll have some Tool in GH, but I just can't bring myself to buying into this type of game.
My livingroom is cluttered enough as it is, I don't need any plastic video game peripherals making things worse than they already are. I'll keep my real guitar there instead thanks.

mfwahwah3750d ago

It sucks that you don't have a closet or something to stuff your peripherals into when they're not in use. I got a closet. It's pretty cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.