Disney making LittleBigPlanet DLC

The Sony Rep previewing LittleBigPLanet at PAX has publicly stated that Disney would be making DLC for LBP.

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Jamie Foxx3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

but i predict that this game will change the face of gaming like gta3 did and recieve GOTY
disney on board thats just genius sony really are going for it

Will_Smith3365d ago

and Toy Story... Buzz Light year!

i love that movie, child hood fave.

Hancock Sackboy? you got it!

~Fresh Prince of Bell-Air on Nick @ Nite... check local listings for showtimes

whoelse3365d ago

I think Sony should buy the developers since they are going to be making a lot of money from this and Sony wont want them moving to multiplatform in their next project.

leila013365d ago

I really can't wait to slap people with my Sackboy

UltimateIdiot9113365d ago

I want a Wall-e or Eve sackboy/sackgirl.

uie4rhig3365d ago

MM wont want it coz they just became independent, they used to work for some other company, but that english guy left and started MM.. also doubt that MM will make this multi-platform since Sony was the only one that actually believed in their game.. they have been to Nintendo but they passed

anyway.. if this DLC is gonna be kids stuff.. i'll pass :) but jack sparrow/Hancock sackboy? hmm you got yourself a new customer :) i want the Dark Knight sackboy or the JOKER! OMG.. JOKER SACKBOY.. can't wait for it!!

mfwahwah3365d ago

You obviously don't know how Sony treats their first party devs. They'd be independent and suddenly have some deeper pockets.

Also, Sony isn't the only one to believe in them, Sony just got to them first, thanks to Phil Harrison.

cool83365d ago

and friends lol!!!probblably first to come in the dlc

himdeel3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

...will be the the absolutely and unequivocally cheapest IP for developers to create add on content. It's a completely hands on application tool that will not require an overly engaging development process and quite honestly only require a little creativity with respect to level generation. The thing they will probably spend the most time on besides level generation is custom sack boys. This game offers a lot for a little bit of work from a developers standpoint.

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Jellzy3365d ago

So not only will we have Sackboy Kratos, and Nariko running around, we'll also have Winnie the Pooh, and tigger too!! lol


yesah3365d ago

your forgetting captain jack, and the other 10 billion characters Sony has

geda3365d ago

what if they got to advertise on the disney channel? now that would be lucrative.

El_Colombiano3365d ago

Bubbles simply for having a picture from Golden Sun! That game is the best GBA game ever!

fleet3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

interesting about advertising, ive been hoping sony can do a good job and that would help a lot

who knows if itll happen though

geda3365d ago

thanks, yeah golden sun is underrated :P

Relcom3365d ago

Sony i want to give you my money, WHY!!!!!!

Surfman3365d ago

wow lol, LBP is becoming bigger days after days

SpecialSauce3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

it will be like commercial lvls to promote products. kinda like how in home companies can have their own area in home. home and LBP are going to be big because of this. especially home because it's exactly like a virtual world internet. imagine inspecting products in 3d. or talking to people about products on any site. I'm thinking home could be as big as the internet. IF Sony plays their cards right. and if other stuff could access home like an iphone for example.

AngryXbot3365d ago

is over.

Game over xbots.

3365d ago
AngryXbot3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

The 360 is a poor man's PS3.

Cheaper price, inferior and faulty hardware, less upgrade tools, non futureproofness, inferior software substitutes...

Clearly designed for the poor man who cannot afford a PS3.

juuken3365d ago

And Banjoo Kazooooooooooiez is a piss poor imitation of Super Mario's success.

Pain3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Just KOOL!

And @ I am a White 15 yer old gangster. didnt u get the Memo?

Jealousy is a Bad medical condition go see a Doctor, And mabey get Sterilized while your there.

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