CliffyB Defends Too Human from Critics

After so much hype and so many years in development, many were surprised by the lackluster critical reception for Silicon Knights' Too Human. Count among the surprised Epic Games' Cliff "Don't call me CliffyB anymore" Bleszinski, who defended the game from its harshest critics in a recent Giant Bomb reader review.

Bleszinski says he found the game more engrossing than either BioShock or Call of Duty 4, pouring 16 straight hours into it on his first sit down and readying for a second playthrough after a 42-hour quest. While admitting that the story "isn't God's gift to writing," Bleszinski still insists it compares favorably to a lot of other video games. His main beef, though, is with critics who derided the game's combat as too simple simply because they weren't willing to delve into what Bleszinski sees as some complex strategic depth. "It will require some attention to learn," he warns, "If this is too much to ask, do not fret. There is always the Wii." Ouch!

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HipHopGamerShowFan3757d ago

Great, now CliffyB is in it.

God bless thee........

PoSTedUP3757d ago

everyone trying to defend this game cause its a 360 exclusive, god forbid it gets a bad score the media will go crazy XD. awww poor too human.....

Mr PS33757d ago

Should be defending Defending this

And not Poo Human

MAR-TYR-DOM3757d ago

"Bleszinski says he found the game more engrossing than either BioShock or Call of Duty 4,..."
I stopped reading there, and i suggest you all should too.
This guy has too much of M$ money up his a$$. Its seems more and more that he is paid to say stupid things like this!

Shane Kim3757d ago

At this rate he'll be taking over my job.

Idonthatejustcreate3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Yeah im with most of you on this one. I smell bullshit from a mile away...

I would have thought that he was sincere if he had said that the game is far from perfect but still very good and that he thought that it's ALMOST as engrossing as Cod4 or Bioshock.

Saying it's MORE engrossing than Cod4 or Bioshock is a flat out lie and if I would be saying something like that I would have either gotten blackmailed to it or paid out my A$$ for it.

El_Colombiano3757d ago

Shane Kim, you made me spill my drink way too close to my keyboard! Funny sh*t man!

Silver3603757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

of what he wrote before commenting. If you want to disagree with him at least do it from a position of knowledge.

Edit: Someone disagreed with me. I think that means they like to just run their mouth without knowledge. An all to common an affliction these days.

CaptainHowdy3757d ago

we all know this... bioshock and cod4 are not in the same league...maybe in HIS opinion....but what about Gears of War??? or Gears of War 2?? Give me a break! It's a circle jerk...come on fanboys...."jump in"; Kevin Peraira Denis Dyak and Cliffy are already there.

IQUITN4G3757d ago

Bioshock bored me sh!tless after the first incredible opening hour or so

After playing Too Human to the end i had an urge to do it all again so i guess there is definitely something about this game for those that enjoyed it

It's a bit rough for sure in places but that combat is very satisfying to the point that i actually think it's more fun than Gaiden2 - but only if you click with it

The Lazy One3757d ago

the first paragraph of his review is as follows

"This game has flaws, but I feel they are far out weighed by its innovation and attention to detail. I sat down to play this game four days after it came out. I had bought it the day I was leaving town. The morning after I got back, I fired it up. I put 16 hours into it in one day. I couldn't stop playing. I haven't done that in quite some time. Call of Duty 4 or Bioshock couldn't hold my interest for that long. This game is not all about loot. It is a major factor and done well, but this game is not a one trick pony."

I strongly suggest reading it, because you can definitely tell he actually played the game a good amount.

XboxOZ3603756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

The guy's a gamer first and foremost and says it how it is, he always has, and it has gotten him into hot water plenty of times, not only from MS, but internally as well.

I'd trust his word on something, rather than some hic off the net who's probably given the game about an hours try and thrown it away.

One thing developers get crucified for these days is trying something new or "different" Yet, at the same time, gamers are demanding, not requesting, but demanding "innovation" and new ways to play games and different content.

So when developers give it to them, they complain-n-moan that it's too hard, or different, and why the heck did you break something that was already working.

It's called advancement, and all new things take time to master. But in today's world of instant gratification, especially with the last two generations of gamers, patience and time just are not in their vocabulary - at all.

So he's right when he said they need to learn a new, deeper way of playing a game . . trouble is, those two generations of gamers want everything, but don't want to have to work for it either. Bad luck kiddies, you have to work for it, like it - or not.

Bleszinski has much more going for him game design and experience wise than 90% of the people on this forum/site. So suck it up, and try listening for a change.

@ The Lazy One :

Agreed, but unfortunately mate, that would require people actually reading something. You should know by now that many simply read a heading, the first line of text, and know everything there is to know about the article and the person without the need to read further . . good-god, you should know that by now . . (sarc btw ppl)

To others, so in other words - he's a gamer, designs games, has a life, but - does not have the right to comment on other games . . . get a life, of course he does, and in many cases, has a better understanding of what has gone into a game than many of us in here.

@ Silver360 :

No mate, it just means either they can't read past one line, or they hate anything to do with Gears, Microsoft, the Xbox 360 or simply want to be objectionable for no real apparent reason, other than being 100% childish. As having 11 disagree simply for stating the obvious rings of fanboyism big time.

Idonthatejustcreate3756d ago

@The Lazy One and XboxOZ360 are you kidding me? Really?

If KZ2 came out and sucked big time and the CEO of Sony entertainment came out and said, "It's still a great game I liked it equally as much as Farcry 2 and LPB. It's much better than what everyone thinks. It's not a one trick pony!" How much do you think that is protecting your own product instead of telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Cliffy knows that Too human has been build't on the Unreal3 engine so he can't say jack about the graphics or that it would be better with an different engine. Denis is the only one that have said that, and we all know that he blames everyone and everything else except for himself when the sh*t hit's the fan. It was big of Cliffy not to put Denis to shame and say that he can't design games when he said that thier "never using the unreal engine again". But honestly Cliffy B gets paid to say stuff like this and you must be equally bright as a sheep to think otherwise. Don't believe in everything you read guys.

Nevers3756d ago

I really don't care !!!

(( o)^(o ))

but I'm having a infinitely difficult time puttin' the damn game down.

And that lil' a$$ Cliffy-B. was right... this time.

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Mr_Kuwabara3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Wow Cliff, soon you'll be bending over when you talk about stuff.

Raoh3757d ago


again i ask when did game developers become puff daddy and suge knight

they belong in the studio, developing... not not doing a two step for the cameras

heyheyhey3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

didn't Dyack lay into Epic like really, really hard

and now CliffyB (yes if you ask us to not call you that, we will anyway) is defending his game??? LOL!!!- probably has a MS check up his ass right now to say this stupid sh!t

why bother, Too Human is a flopcake- but hey, at least it's getting a decent amount of RENTALS!!

morganfell3757d ago

Clifford is defending Too Human because the 360 is getting it's ass handed to it and Too Human is another laugh fest. He sees the declining popularity of the 360 as a threat to Gears2 sales and is simply propping them up out of worry.