MMORPG Exclusive Hello Kitty Online Trailer

For those of you out there who just can't get enough of that mad cat Hello Kitty, the dev team sanrio Co. have sent along this new trailer for the upcoming MMORPG.

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Bombibomb3390d ago

Can you say game of the century?

PC gaming 4 life.

Julie3390d ago

Seems like WoW is in trouble lulz!!! :) haha! (btw is this for real?)

TheColbertinator3390d ago

Yes it is.Hello Kitty online is a real game.I expect 90% reviews and Blizzard will lose the MMO crown.

Hello Kitty Online.

"Take your p*ssy online"

Thanks Tacki

Tacki3390d ago

Stealing other's jokes now are we? Mr. Colbert please have a seat and explain to me exactly when you started working for Microsoft. ;)

Expect a multi-bubble lawsuit in the near future.

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bunbun7773390d ago

One MMORPG to rule them all! You are not prepared! I can barely type this out my hands are shaking....Looks like 2012 is coming a bit early booya!

CrazedFiend3390d ago

LMAO Paradise!!

You look like someone who would say that!

Sanhlami3390d ago

I expect 100 million subscriptions on launch day.

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The story is too old to be commented.