Full PSP 3000 Technical Specs

GameXtract writes "Sony's new re-design for the PSP looks sleeker, and more improved than ever. The new model will be releasing on October 14th in the U.S, 15th in Europe, and 16th in Australia. The technical specs have been revealed courtesy of marketwatch, and if your into advanced details then this should be complete eye candy for your day. Maybe I'm not too good when it comes to viewing technical details, but if you look under supported codec you will notice AVI is under the list. If I'm not misreading the list then AVI is a big win for the new model, and watching videos will become ten times easier. Check out the list full advanced specs after the jump."

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HipHopGamerShowFan3731d ago

HipHopGamer loved the microphone idea in the PSP!

shazam3731d ago

"and if your into advanced details then this should be complete eye candy for your day"

how so? the internal hardware specs are exactly the same as the slim. same cpu clock, same amount of ram.

badz1493731d ago

but AVI support is a big one! this makes me wanting it even more

ThanatosDMC3730d ago

AVI isnt that "big" when you can just change it into MP4 via some file converter (pspvideo9) which also compresses the file size for more space.

aaquib53730d ago

It's a simple software. No need to add new hardware for it.

Snarko3731d ago

Im probably going to get one. When is release in europe?

Mr_Kuwabara3731d ago

I don't want to sound harsh but can't you at least read the second sentence?

Snarko3730d ago

I skimmed the text but for some reason i didnt see the release dates part. My bad.

Fanboy Slaughter3731d ago

*Sigh* Another self-indulger schlepping himself on N4G just like OldWizard

This blatant self-publishing sh!t has got to stop.

Ranting aside, informative article, but nothing we didn't already know.

BWS19823731d ago

it says USB mini connection (PSP 1000 had it) AND USB 2.0? Meaning, it could connect to say, an external harddrive, flash drive etc...?

BWS19823730d ago

how people disagree with my perception of something. Care to explain why you know what I inferred more than myself?

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The story is too old to be commented.