TimeSplitters 4 eschews Haze engine, TS2 HD remake hinted

According to Derek Littlewood of Free Radical, TimeSplitters 4 won't utilize the heavily-criticized Haze graphics engine. Instead, Free Radical opted for some "new and double shiny tech."

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HipHopGamerShowFan3756d ago

Ah, TimeSplitters, it will remind me of the ps2 era.

yaboi3756d ago

it is great
i hope this comes out to be another great shooter for ps3

TheColbertinator3756d ago

@Loss The Earthbraker

Sure,why not?

Johnny Cullen3756d ago

Take note, Square Enix.

You maybe busy with all the Final Fantasy XIII business but this is how you should treat your fans if they ask for a remake of your most popular game.

Okay, I aint saying people are gonna be doing this for every other game otherwise people are gonna be asking Konami for a remake of MGS1 for the PS3 or Rockstar for a remake of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City but the fact that Free Radical are considering a remake of Timesplitters 2 with possibly online multiplayer if what I seen was right on PSM3 is a great step for fans of FR and it maybe redemption for people who didnt like Haze.

LossTheEarthbreaker3756d ago

There's a remake of MGS1 on Gamecube. And it's awesome. Adds gameplay elements from MGS2.

PirateThom3756d ago

I don't think it's that awesome, the biggest problem I have with it is that the game is pretty easy anyway, the first person elements make it even easier.

It's good, but the cutscenes and gameplay do not suit it at all.

RecSpec3756d ago

We dont need a remake, just add the maps and characters for 2 into 4.

King_many_layers3755d ago

pffft, Fudge the idea of a vice city remake.. they can remake Max Payne first.

I would run out for that game if it was exactly the same, just updated

Johnny Cullen3754d ago

Loss: I know there was The Twin Snakes for the GC but I mean a proper remake for the this gen for the PS3.

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ScottEFresh3756d ago

It's no surprise they wouldn't use the HAZE engine (they said they would before HAZE release though). That engine was so flawed and it looked like a PS2 game in most spots. I was so dissapointed by that game that FRD better make a killer app to get me back.

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The story is too old to be commented.