Burnout Paradise New Island Map

Operation Burnout has discovered the map of the Burnout Paradise island on the screen of a computer in the background of a Crash TV podcast. The map isn't big or detailed, in fact it's pretty blurry and small, but you can still get an overview of the size of the place.

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DavidMacDougall3759d ago

Bikes all the way! but i dont know about the new island looks 2 small for my liking

Truplaya3759d ago

it looks about 20%-25% the size of the map at the moment, so thats nice for a free update. Plus bikes and night racing - gotta love Criterion

kazuma3758d ago

not saying it's not free or anything, but check this out

Burnout Paradise v1.4 - Bikes Pack (formerly Davis) - September, final testing, free update
Burnout Paradise v1.4.5? - Trophies Pack, PS3 only - free
Burnout Paradise v1.5 - Island Pack (formerly Eastwood - Fall 2008)

i mean, let's hope it's free, criterion really treats us well, but i guess they're gonna try and charge us something i'd say.

crossing fingers that it's free!!