EA Announce Leipzig Line-Up

After an award winning showcase of titles at E3 in July, Electronic Arts today announced its product line up for the Leipzig Games Convention. EA will demonstrate the innovation and creativity of its portfolio for seasoned gamers and newcomers alike, as it leads the way with great interactive entertainment offerings for broad consumer tastes this year. On show in Leipzig are Europe's best selling franchises and consumer favourites like FIFA, Need For Speed, The Sims and Harry Potter, a wide range of casual and family titles for Nintendo platforms including LITTLEST PET SHOP, Boogie SuperStar, Zubo and MONOPOLY, brand new IP like SimAnimals, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space...

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kevco333746d ago

I have to say, mine's getting better all the time.

MvmntInGrn3746d ago

Well early this gen the PS3 was getting a lot of crapy ports but EA has gotten much better. Dead Space and Mirror's Edge are leading on PS3 (like most games should since its just plain easier.)

EA is treating all platforms equally and with fairly high quality, so they are gaining a bit of favor back.

MvmntInGrn3746d ago

Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, RAGE.

All on my watch list.

user94220773746d ago

Rage, Mirror's Edge, All I mostly look forward to, can't wait for this!

InMyOpinion3746d ago

Dead Space looks incredible.

Sharpshell3745d ago

But Mirrors Edge and Dead Space don't jsut look good, they look amazing! I think Dead Space might revitalize the survival horror gnere and put a sharp focus on RE5. Also the depth of the stories in these games is great... I love reading the comics. Plus who can not be pumped for Spore? So there isn't much to hate about EA these days, except for all the shovelware their are making for the DS