Official word on Windows 7 revealed

Microsoft has revealed the official Windows 7 blog titled 'Engineering Windows 7'. Staff members on the Windows 7 project will be letting the world know the progress of their project and letting people post suggestions, questions, or even hurl abuse at them. Whatever tickles the readers fancy. reports on the blog and other Windows 7 news.

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dnf273773d ago

I'm a pretty big fan of these official microsoft blog sites. It's great that they are finally sharing with the consumers up and coming product information. it could save them a lot of grief in the end. will hopefully prevent them from having another 'vista' episode.

that release could have benefited a lot from some proper consumer feedback.

Snukadaman3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I got my new computer 2 days ago..I am trying to get into lord of the rings with vista and the dam thing keeps crashing like hell....I got a nvidia 8200 card and 4 gigs of ram and its not even the manufacturers of my computer are passing the buck and blaming it on turbine.

dam wrong post...sorry.

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deeznuts3773d ago

Both my machines at home are Vista ... and I'm considering going back to XP. I build machines for friends and fam all the time, and even then, if possible, I tell them, stick with XP until maybe W7. Now, I can deal with Vista's quirks and what not, but I don't want to have to deal with their problems.

Fishy Fingers3773d ago

Vista is fine if your simply an average PC user. It only posses problems if your running a budget machine or your interested in gaming.

Personally, I now run Vista on all my PC's but my gaming rig runs a dual boot with XP. It really amazes me the difference I get when gaming, certain games I see a boost of over 30% performance in XP.

dnf273773d ago

agree with you there. Vista isn't all that bad, but XP is far more stable. Now that we all know 7 will be out in a year, and there is XP SP3, what is the point of going to Vista unless you just can't wait? Direct X 10 I guess is the one major reason for gamers anyway.

DevastationEve3773d ago

Vista's fine. Gates has gone on to say that Windows 7 will be based on Vista's core architecture, so that users who migrate to it won't be met with the same hardships they endured when they came over from xp. I'm running it now on my laptop, and I see nothing but innovation. I miss xp though...a lot. So, here's my plan:

I'm buying a Mac Mini and going to bootcamp it to run MacOS X, xp, and Vista. GMA 950's good enough, right? I want mini since I'm through with towers, plus it's from Apple who I always admired.

Percy3773d ago

try looking up mojave and you will find hundreds of pages illustrating how it is very flawed.

krakdol3772d ago

It's incredible to see how Americans have been brainwashed by M$ and all their advertising money... MOJAVE IS AN ADVERT... Of course it's flawed, it proves absolutely nothing (except that American consumers have become sheeps, nothing more).

Vista is crap, it has been proved 1000s of times. It runs games slowly compared to XP (up to 30 percent slower for a newer system, are you kidding me ??), it crashes all the time, it is pure crap...

illizit3772d ago

lol MS brainwashing? Yeah, lets buy an overpriced laptop/computer because it is sooo easy to use (which is why store managers are required to train for 6 weeks in california, because its ssooo easy) and because it can run windows now!! ooohh.
Look at their moto for bootcamp. "TIGER OS X, the most advanced operating system. So advanced it can run windows." Yeah, the OS is what runs windows right, not the hardware.. please.

DevastationEve3772d ago

You don't see that this is what fanboyism can lead to. Ill conceived notions of superiority/inferiority that spread and create lies about something. I have Vista and I don't see anything wrong with it. I had xp for like 5 years and STILL like Vista better.

All the negative stuff that people have said, well it's not there anymore so they can't make the same arguments as before. Performance isn't an issue anymore, security is tight, visuals are sharp, driver support is top notch, and battery life on laptops is great.

xp won't be getting anymore versatile when it comes to new standards in PCs. There are already numerous standards that Vista complies with that xp doesn't. You're going to NEED Vista as technology starts to evolve around its architecture. It's the old razor and blade argument: to get that NICE 5blade head, you'll need it to fit on your razor.

Add to this the fact that Vista is the basis for Windows 7 and you'll see that MS's platform will not suffer the same growing pains it did when coming over from xp. That's a critical issue right there, the next windows will be much easier to migrate to...IF you already have Vista. If you're still on xp, that migration will be even more unpleasant than the one from xp to vista. So it makes since to hold onto Vista until then.

mfwahwah3772d ago

The Mojave Experiment is an extremely flawed experiment. It proves absolutely nothing.

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sagapo3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I miss good old DOS. Games never crashed under DOS. If you could install a game under DOS or Windows95 at the time, you never got screwed with DOS and for most of the time the game ran much better. Plus you looked like a real computergeek when working with DOS, even when it was quit simple :)

zonetrooper53773d ago

I'm running Vista Home Premium 64bit atm, I do like it but I've had 2 bluescreens already. One was while playing the Crysis Demo and one while surfing the internet lol. From what I'm hearing Nvidia's drivers appear to be causing alot of problems with Vista.

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