EA's New Battlefield

Running from enemy gun turrets, tanks and fighter planes is nothing new for players of "Battlefield," a franchise that fired its first shot in World War II but has since tackled Vietnam and modern combat. Its most recent tour of duty, "Battlefield: Bad Company," has sold 1.6 million units worldwide since June.

The next war "Battlefield" has waged, however, is a guerrilla assault on the free-to-play games business model. The game's publisher, Electronic Arts, is the first major U.S. videogame company to launch a free-to-play game, and it unveiled user statistics on its pilot game, "Battlefield Heroes," Thursday.

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MathiasT-s3776d ago

Can't wait for this game!

bourner3776d ago

give us the f**king bf2 patch . its been a month since the announcement . support for old game my arse ea SUCKS

Close_Second3776d ago

...Battlefield: Bad Company I won't be buying another battlefield game. Its not that the game is rubbish in fact, its quite the opposite as I find it a brilliant on-line game. However, with no sign of local servers being established to support on-line play and a lobby system that makes COD4s lobby look comprehensive, I have lost interest and don't wish to give EA any more of my money period.

LossTheEarthbreaker3776d ago

Sadly, although development of their games seems to be approaching quality, their customer service is worse than ever.