Sony's Leipzig Lineup Detailed


"Sony are the only console giant to have an official showing at this years Leipzig Games Conference and with promises of blockbuster announcements and possible new game revelations, what games do we actually know will be on show from the 20th-24th of this month? "

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mohib-uddin79865323780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

who knows what will be there

maybe Bill Gates will pay somone to spy on sony at there rehersal session on the 2nd floor. or maybe he will do it himself

Fishy Fingers3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Sony knows.

Personally, I'm dieing to see some Heavy Rain.

mohib-uddin79865323780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

allah alim (god knows best)

i want a Final Fantasy VII-8-9-10 Remake becuase the new final fantasy games are not as good as the old ones

Fat Princess3780d ago

1. Heavy Rain presentation.
2. A real current gen Sing Star.
3. Incognito's next game.
4. God of War 3 gameplay. (maybe)
5. M.A.G. gameplay.
6. LBP
7. Killzone 2
8. Price cut
9. David Jaffe's new Twisted Metal
10. ???
11. ???
12. ???

supahbad3780d ago

1.3-i doubt they would show that much, it would be awesome though. i think they will show new stuff, heavy rain gameplay, and one new game(maybe). i personally think they will save any supahbad huge guns they have for TGS, not saying Leipzig will be a let down though

Fat Princess3780d ago

David Reeves said they have more than 12 announcements to make.

militant073780d ago

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mohib-uddin79865323780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

miltant 07

your arabic writing is on the wrong side. arabic is read from right to left

-sub han allah and assalamu alaikum (may god bless you) for you efforts. your text roughly translates to respecting your brothers and that i will.

have a bubble for your efforts

deeznuts3780d ago

He'll pay Matt Walsh to do it

DaTruth3780d ago

Heavy Rain and "THE SECRET GAME" are all I really want to see. And any new awsomeness. Also hope they announce that they are going to re-start development on 8 Days, that was a great loss to gaming.

jwatt3780d ago

I think they may start back on production after the release of Home where they probably have alot of thier resources at.

TVC153780d ago

sony's next good game is the ratchet DLC

3780d ago
thePatriot3780d ago

heavy rain
twisted metal
home beta
uncharted 2
maybe hardware 2
unnanaunced game or new ip
video store for europe
and thats only 8 so...

BkaY3780d ago

right on spot mate.... its a big loss..... i think they will continue this project... arent those the same guys who are working on "HOME"... ?

Milky3780d ago

I am sure Uncharted 2 will be there.

InMyOpinion3780d ago

Why would Microsoft want to spy on Sony? So they can be in 3rd place as well?

Mr_Bun3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Well, M$ is in 4th right now...right behind the PS2! Go troll in the open zone-------------->

ape0073779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

masha allah

your good

arabic fights here on n4g @1.6

like am dreaming

YES AM ARABIC and hate their pointless fights,wanna fight ?

the internet is full of your meaningless and stupid منتديات (fourms)

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BiggDaddy3113779d ago

Have they offically announced "Hardware 2" bc that is supposed to be in development, it is a large scale battle tanks game or something? I am not yet excited about this game but I kinda hope that isn't the big annocement.

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user8586213780d ago

stop crying just cuz ur console has no exclusives to show besides gears n fable lmao haha

Lionsguard3780d ago

I swear you are always the first one in a Sony related thread, do you have a secret hard-on for Sony? or are you that much of a loser having nothing to do all day but refresh n4g until something Sony related pops up?

oh and your post was seriously lacking "droids" btw. You're slipping, so here let me assist you.


juuken3780d ago

Guys, I think he gets random orgasms whenever he sees PS3 news. It always pleasures him to see those articles so he can bash them to oblivion. :/

PoorDroids3780d ago

lol, Nazi'm, except gears and fable are better than all your exclusives combined. btw, how's FFXIII? oh wait, not exclusives anymore! owned.

Thoas3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

If you call having FF13 on 6 discs a game?

cmrbe3780d ago

He refers to PS fans as droids and poor when PS fans bought the PS3 which is not cheap and certianly better than the x360. If anything the name poorxbots is a name that makes sense as xbots are poor which is why they can't afford a PS3 and i actually feel sorry for them because they are stuck with an inferior console.

Dacapn3780d ago

Why is this dude first to comment in every PS3 article? In the words of 50:

I smell p***sy.

THC CELL3780d ago


Spit on me when u get lbp or something better than 13 for the xbox

I am getting sick cause u get a hard on over having ff13 lol wow get a boner.. first off xbox 360 and pc have a exclusive ff game all ready
second you are not gettin ff vs and 3rd you are a noob ok

i no u have a ps3 i no u pre ordered game u cant wait lbp killzone (cod beater only best game out) cough halo 3. i no socom is on ur list an R2

i no on ur pic Avatar proves u like to give ur ps3 a f**k daaam look what u done to it man too much love man your x box is heartbroken man

you are one sad troll really
go sell ya ass get a new ps3 cause your poor with one xbox core pack and hard drive and one game halo 3

get a new ps3 and play a real mans console not a console for 2 years old up to 16

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Salvadore3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

After leaving a very lackluster E3, I hope Leipzig Games Convention will deliver with more unannounced titles and of course surprises.

This is what I want to see:

Skate 2
Video Store
New Singstar
Insight regarding next firmware

@Fishy Fingers: Sorry about that, have a cookie ;)

Fishy Fingers3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Edit: You have completely changed you comment. My reply is now void.

Edit2: Cheers I'm actually rather peckish.

Fat Princess3780d ago

Sony will dominate Leipzig. Fact.

Fishy Fingers3780d ago

"Sony are the only console giant to have an official showing at this years Leipzig Games Conference"

So what gives you that idea?

supahbad3780d ago

it is a fact, because they're the only one's there. hmmm...

mfwahwah3780d ago

I hear Atari has a mad lineup in store for us. (For those who don't know it, you'll probably laugh when you see it).

Jake11113779d ago

This is only the beginning. Sony's lineup looks amazing. And Microsoft has 1 good game..... LOL.. Anyone want to buy my 360 before it is worth nothing???

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Omega43780d ago

After their lackluster E3 they better have something to show and something big to release dates for a start and no delays (but thats unlikly to happen with their track record)

Fat Princess3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Lackluster E3? They're the only ones that actually showed off some new exclusive games LOL!

Omega43780d ago

Really!? What E3 were you watching, all they showed were CGI trailers and NO gameplay.

While both MS and Nintendo showed playable demos of their new exclusive games, Lips, In the Movies, Wii Sports Resort, Shaun White Snowboarding etc

So yeah Sonys E3 was lackluster, but if CGI trailers are your thing then expect Leipzip to have a fresh batch.

Eiffel3780d ago

Sony is not cut out for Shooters, Fact.


TOSgamer3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

then demos of Lips and In the Movies... BTW they did show DC Online.

Deviant3780d ago

the hell....MS conference was dominated by a cgi of a multiplat game

Fat Princess3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

- God of War 3 teaser
- M.A.G. trailer
- First ever InFamous GAMEPLAY footage
- Fat Princess GAMEPLAY
- Ratchet & Clank: Quest of Booty GAMEPLAY
- Ragdoll Kung Fu GAMEPLAY
- Flower in-game trailer / GAMEPLAY
- Killzone 2 multiplayer GAMEPLAY
- Resistance for PSP GAMEPLAY
- Resistance 2 boss battle GAMEPLAY
- Kick-ass LBP presentation that won the crowd (GAMEPLAY)
- DC Universe Online GAMEPLAY
- The Agency GAMEPLAY
- Video store announced and launched on the same day
- New Home footage

LBP was awarded Game of the Show more than any other game at E3, just so you know. Heavy Rain too (another PS3 exclusive shown behind closed doors)

What did Microsoft do? Oh wow they announced a big multi-platform game that will be better on PS3 and a Wii-ripoff avatar system. They won E3 totally!

@Eiffel: Ubisoft & Free Radical =/= Sony

3780d ago
supahbad3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

4.3-ummm, Ubi isn't cut out for shooters

microsoft showed crap nintendo showed supercrap sony showed cgi

personally i thought sony won because i own a psp too, people forget about the psp

LarVanian3780d ago

You were so impressed by the footage of Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Infamous and DC Universe that you thought they were all CGI?
Sony must feel flattered by your comments.

PS: MicroSoft showed off nothing but multi-platform games that would also be coming to PS3. Sony showed off nothing but exclusives.
Did you just praise Nintendo's conference? FAIL!!!!

GiantEnemyCrab3780d ago

Fat Princess you are so good at listing Sony's but you are total fail at listing Microsoft announcements. You even went as far to list PSN arcade games and while MS showed a ton of new XBLA games you don't mention one.

Fail! Just like the Sony's E3 press conference.

Omega43780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

What im talking about is all their NEW exclusive games were shown in CGI trailers not ON STAGE DEMOS like MS and Nintendo

And all the gamplay demos shown during MS's conference won E3 awards Gear 2, Fable 2 and Fallout 3 which proves their superior quality over Sony's

@ Fat Princess

Fable 2 won Game of Show from Gamespot
Gears 2 won best action/shooter from many sites
Fallout 3 won game of show with their 360 demo from loads of sites too
And lets not forget Gametrailer's award for the 360 with the best lineup award, which kinda makes all Sony's games irrelvant

LarVanian3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Great the dude is now contradicting himself.
First he says Sony showed off nothing but CGI trailers and now he says he was only talking about the new exclusive games Sony displayed.
Man that RROD must really mess up people's heads.

PS: You do realize that LBP won the most awards out of all the exclusives?

whateveryousay3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Almost to the point of being ignorant.

And if you think MS had a better E3 than Sony, then the ignorance level is REALLY high around here

Deviant3780d ago

resistance won awards aswell did LBP and KZ2 ( and even Fat Princess)
fallout is multiplat talk as much as u want

zenosaga043780d ago

All you ever do is troll discussions regarding Sony, we get it you don't like Sony so can you please move on and leave the rest of us to discuss and anticipate.

Back on topic, I hope that Sony shows more of God of War 3 at Leipzig. That's all I need to see to make me a happy camper hahaha =)

Greysturm3780d ago

Why do you troll dont you have news about microsoft upcoming conference... oh yeah i forgot you dont have one guess you can always diss the competition. Microsoft plans and spends to win in europe but when it comes to european showings they are always lackluster guess well wait another year all sony has to do is show up and more ps3 will sell on europe regardless of anouncements.

SuperM3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

OMG you are such a fanboy i can barely believe my eyes. Im sorry but you just lost whatever credibility you had if you had any. Who cares if people think the fallout demo on MS press conference was nice? The game is still coming out on the ps3. Thing is, sony dont waste time promoting games that will also come out on the xbox 360. That MS showed demo of RE5 and Fallout3 was a clear sign that they lacked content to share, so they had to bring in multiplatform games. Even their final keynote was a frigging multiplatform.

Oh and i cant believe you actually brag about MS showing gameplay of lips and your in the movies. Those games were pure ripoff from sony games and were TBH the most embarrassing moment of the entire presentation.

Fact of the matter is Sony was the only one to show new games that are actually interesting. And they used their conference to promote their own games, showing ingame fotage of alot of games including Resistance 2, Infamous, R&C, LBP, Motorstorm Pacific rift and much more.

I think you totally fail to understand that the point of these conferences is for the companies to show what their console have that the others dont. Thats what sony did, and thats not what MS did (atleast not to that extent)

And please stop listing which of your fancy xbox games got best of show award. There are thousands of gaming sites out there, ofcourse some of them are going to give it to one of your games. That doesnt change the fact that LBP won more awards. But guess what, it totally doesnt matter. The only thing that matters is that you are a fanboy and i really really dont like you for that reason.

clintos593780d ago

"And all the gamplay demos shown during MS's conference won E3 awards Gear 2, Fable 2 and Fallout 3 which proves their superior quality over Sony's"

Yeah and what did MS show that was new? Nothing they showed nothing new. Everything they showed off were all stuff we knew about. As for your information LBP won best console game so I dont see where u are going at with your statement. Fallout 3 is multiplatform and is also on the ps3 so why does sony have to show a game they already know is on there system? Yeah thats right.

Also u do remember sony also has the ps2 and psp to support aswell so sony wasnt just showing off all ps3 software because they are showing consumers that they also support there old hardwares aswell. Something MS doesnt do well and didnt do with the original xbox.

Talk all u want about a lackluster E3 but sony showed off alot of new IP's and exclusives compared to MS. Also in germany u will see why MS will have a hard time against sony because sony will show u what so many first party and second party support can do for u. And that list they listed isnt even everything there going to show but at the same time that list alone is more impressive then everything MS has shown off already.

DaTruth3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

There is no 360 news, that's why they come over here to troll. It's all Jealousy!! They bring up N4G go to 360 section, top article is 3 degrees, just like always "no new stuff", decide to come over here and troll.

And MS had a RROD right on stage.

juuken3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Excuse you?

Microsoft's E3 was lackluster. The only thing that saved their E3 from being a complete disaster was that FFXIII announcement.

Sony actually showed *new* material at E3.

Lol, and Eiffel. Living in a world of denial, aren't you?

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