Little Big Planet No JPEG Support, PS3 Eye Only

A keen eye from NeoGAF has caught a comment from Official Playstation.Blog writer Chuck Lacson regarding how you will get custom pictures into Little Big Planet. Replying to the question of "Will I be able to import my cat pics into my created levels?" Chuck wrote back:

"yes you will! (If you have a PS Eye that is.)"

From another post:

"I though LBP will allow us to totally customize sackboy so wouldn't that mean we could simply make a Kratos of our own?"

to which it was replied with

"You won't be able to customize your SackBoy in the detail that you describe, but there may be a few ways you can work it. For example, you can wear a cardboard box costume item or cardboard mask costume item and sticker it with a Kratos image using your PLAYSTATION Eye. You can even sticker/slap decorations your SackBoy directly…so the possibilities are endless." -Mark Valledor

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socomnick3753d ago

Thats weak
I dont want to purchase the pseye that thing is useless. :/

therealwillie3753d ago

what format does the pseye take pictures in? maybe there's a way around this

zep3753d ago

you should try EOJ its great game to kill some time :) and it comes with the pseye :D o well they should fix this

RealityCheck3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Sorry but blame the lawyers, it's a copyright issue.

They couldn't possibly police all the users using copyrighted pictures. By making users take their own pictures, they take themselves out of the equation and if copyrights are broken it will be between the end user and the copyright victim.

Edit: to the disagrees, google "youtube lawsuit". Do you really think a little 8-person development team (Media Molecule) could withstand that kind of pressure?

HighDefinition3753d ago

Obviously, not anymore.

I have the PSeye and I have ALWAYS loved it.


SCThor3753d ago

even as a mic on COD4

gaffyh3753d ago

I heard that you can use the Xbox Live vision cam with the PS3 is that true? Or is it the other way around?

socomnick3753d ago

Main reason this sucks is because once you take a picture of the image with the pseye doesnt it loose some detail. Its not 100 percent as sharp as it once was. Oo well guess I will have to print out pics of Master chief then add that to my sackboy :(

Proxy3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Is it possible to allow users to us JPEG's from their HDD as stickers? Of course it's possible. Infact, I'm still holding out some hope that it will be in there, as I love this game idea, and want the best for LBP.

However, I'm skeptical about some things. First, I think the level of creativity will be limited. ESPECIALLY if we can't use our own pictures. Are you a big fan or Resistance? How many Resistance themed "stickers" do you think will be in the game? Maybe a dozen at most. How many Resistance themed levels can you really create with only 12 stickers?

IN SHORT: I have two fears:

1) The ability to create in the game will be limited, there will be a certain number of objects you can place in a variety of ways, but this idea of creating ANYTHING will turn out to be a farse. Ask yourself: If I can already create ANYTHING, what will be released in the DLC? (They have confirmed DLC.)

2) I fear the DLC will cost money (they've spoken of charging for levels already; in one form or another) and that even trivial things such as stickers will require you to open your wallet.

Again, I want LBP to be all it can be. Hopefully if it is limited someone will take the idea to PC where anonimity and true modding/creation have always thrived.

Read: "OMG, I love LBP!" for all those who would take away my bubbles for expressing a legitimate fear.

Pain3753d ago

Thats weak
-not really picture this.... Camera down pants....upload on sack boy.... Bunrout revenge Xbox 2 driver license anyone?

I dont want to purchase the pseye that thing is useless. :/
-why not? FREE 6 way Video Chat Rules.

and if u have a PS3...set it on remote play use psp go to new chat and u can stream eyetoy to PSP ^^

PimpHandStrong3753d ago

if Sony gets video chat across all games the PS3eye will become a HUGE seller!

or if HOME uses it!

but just for LBP

Just to add a some Sony love around here

If the system is around till 2015 i would think the PS3eye will have some uses! Sony doesnt just make something and not put it to use!

vickers5003753d ago

So much for creative control. That's a huge blow to this game and what we thought we were going to be able to do with it.

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Silogon3753d ago

well that sure blows. I was looking forward to using my brand new cybershot. hmmmm, maybe they'll rethink this???

Skip_Bayless3753d ago

Silogon who are you trying to kid? You won't be playing this game anyway.

Silogon3753d ago

You don't know what I'll do and what I'll buy and what I'll play, Cosby. Stop trying to be an internet sensation by acting bullish and stick to the topic at hand. Got a problem with me, message me. I'll try answer whatever question you got that makes you and others attack me so much, but the problems shouldn't come here.

More or less, you said nothing useful here at all. What you did was bring it to everyone's attention that probably doesn't care that you have a problem with me or have had in the past.

That makes you super cool, man. Maybe you should lime light as a day time soap star for the Young & the restless.

Skip_Bayless3753d ago

And my job is done... my whole intention is to get you angry.

Captain Tuttle3753d ago

It's not a rumor. It's from the Playstation blog. That's not to say it won't be changed in the future.

PacoDG3753d ago

Exactly. Not sure why people all of a sudden got the "report" train when it has now been commented on multiple times in the (official).

Back to the real issue, this is crazy that Sony is forcing people to buy the PS3 Eye for this function, has there not been other games that allow you to upload jpgs just fine ?

Captain Tuttle3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Sony loves their Trojan Horses, huh?
I'll say it again, hopefully this will change.

Mr_Bun3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

This adds more fuel to the fire that we will be able to "sell" our customized levels. You can't put a big corporate logo like nike in you custom level and make profit from it. This is one way to make sure that there aren't any lawsuits (or at least less of them)!

lento3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

well i'm glad i have a ps3 eye... though i think thats crap that you HAVE to use it

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