Microsoft: Something like 1 vs. 100 coming to Xbox One


1 Vs. 100, part massive, interactive live trivia game show, part Xbox 360 video game, may never return, but Microsoft does plan to bring something like it to the Xbox One, according to Dave McCarthy, general manager for Lifestyle Entertainment at Microsoft Studios.

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Rimeskeem1180d ago

That game was loads of fun.

Foehammer1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Yes, and it was something original to online community gaming that MS pioneered.

Very entertaining and great to see that MS isn't shy about bringing these unconventional concepts to their fanbase.

Bigpappy1180d ago

I thought they would a game like this with Kinect on XB1. would have been great to sit around the TV and raise your hand, then when called speak the answer.

christocolus1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Finally. I've been waiting for a game like 1 vs 100. That game was so much fun. I hope they bring back fuzion frenzy at some point. Really awesome games.

Paytaa1180d ago

Fuzion Frenzy...soo underrated.

christocolus1180d ago

Exactly. That game needs a proper sequel. I wouldn't even mind a remaster of the original with some added bonuses and new features.

Paytaa1180d ago

@christocolus I remember whenever my cousins and I weren't destroying eachother in Halo CE split-screen or Blood Wake split-screen, we would go to Fuzion Frenzy because it was stupid fun but fun nonetheless. Microsoft really needs to bust out the old IP from the OG Xbox. A lot of them would be welcomed today.

No Way1179d ago

I loveddd Fuzion Frenzy as well.

AnotherProGamer1180d ago


that was the Smash Bros for Xbox

christocolus1180d ago

OMG. That was another gem on the OG xbox. MS needs to bring that game back. Ninja theory made that game but I bet MS could easily get another dev to give us a sequel. Sega or even namco would be great.

JMaine5181180d ago

I had so much fun with that game. Please bring in the next one

OpieWinston1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Thank you god. Getting back into my 1v100 trivia made for some fun nights. If they bring back Fuzion Frenzy I could see myself having some fun nights with my brother on my Xbox rather than on my Wii U.

Seriously if you never played 1v100 you'll be in for a treat if you enjoy Trivia of any kind. If Don Mattrick had any brains he would've pitched 1v100 at the X1 reveal event for the TV focused crowd.

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The story is too old to be commented.