Guerrilla Games plans to hold back on Horizon Zero Dawn details

Senior Producer of Horizon Zero Dawn says Guerrilla Games won't be revealing story details about the game, believing players "should experience it for themselves."

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Majin-vegeta1167d ago

I agree.I dont want them to give us all the details.I wanna figure it out all by myself.Makes the story all that more inttriguing IMO

chrisx1167d ago

well said. cant wait to just waste countless hours exploring and upgrading

jb2271166d ago

Same here...I typically don't dig open worlds & RPGs these days because the stories always seem like such an afterthought & it's always focused on the same variety of Tolkien-esque fantasy settings. Horizon has already got its hooks in me with its lore based on the little that we know, and if the world is as unique & intriguing as it's presented itself, I could definitely see myself going in hard for this one.

The variety of location types is big for me too & seeing the most recent trailer for Horizon was great, the icy hills & the low grass lands, the changes in weather & season...these are the kinds of things that create environmental variety in a genre typically bereft of it.

MrSec841166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

I feel the same way, the potential for variety in everything within Horizon's world seems enormous and sinking my teeth into that has the potential to really draw me in.

The moment to moment gameplay shown so far seems as appealing as some of the best 3rd person titles, it seems to have learned a lot from the best in that area and the systems in the game seem to make that work wherever the player is.

I'm hoping to see caves with great depths and things to discover, along with old skyscrapers ravaged by time and with lots more mysteries to unravel outside of the core secrets of what happened to The Old Ones and how The Machines came to be a part of the world.

bmf73641166d ago

It was hard to refrain from watching MGSV trailers and screenshots. I prefer this but a game like this still deserves some sort of marketing. Anyone who's played Killzone can realize the potential that Guerrilla has.

crazed_shadow271166d ago

I hope they hold back details as much as possible, but still show enough to hype the game to consumers. I like how they did not torture us with a trailer, then wait 6 months to a year for gameplay. I liked that it was the first thing they showed. Complete surprise.

I also liked how Fallout 4 waited to be announced and now it's almost here. When a game is shown far too early and so much of it is shown, it makes me lose interest. Thats why I no longer care for MGS or FF15.

Even Uncharted 3 showed too much before release. The Cruise ship, the cargo plane, the chateau, and more levels. Then by the time it came out there was less surprise than there would have been if they held all of that information back. They could have just shown firefights and left all of the set pieces out of the trailers or demonstrations. How is my jaw supposed to fall to the floor when playing the game if I saw that scene before I ever even had the game in my hands.

Thats why I hope they keep as much under wraps as possible for both Horizon and Uncharted.

jb2271166d ago

Totally agree with you...the cg cinematic trend for game reveals just needs to stop. We are finally in an age where the games themselves are capable of jaw dropping showings by solely utilizing gameplay. The cg trailers are an utterly pointless waste of resources & time. Show us gameplay or show us nothing at all, at the very least for new ips that are unknown commodities.

I'm hoping we get one solid 2 minute story/gameplay trailer for Uc4 at PSX that shows quick cuts of a couple environments, but beyond that I'm absolutely with you. Uc2 was absolutely mindblowing for me because I went into it sight unseen aside from a small section of the train sequence. UC3 was less so because I watched every morsel of footage prior to release. We've seen a solid half hour of UC4 and it was evenly split between pure combat/traversal & huge set piece. I think that's more than enough to get gamers invested, just give us that hype trailer that whets our appetite once again & leaves us starving for the physical release, and let the full game do the talking.

Eonjay1166d ago

"I hope they hold back details as much as possible, but still show enough to hype the game to consumers."

I think this is exactly what they will do. No one wants key story elements spoiled. And you can do this while showing footage and giving details about gameplay.

MrSec841166d ago

IMO Guerrilla should focus on showing off the gameplay features, like variety of ways you can take down the machines, how the RPG elements work, the weather, time transitions, some core characters (like who Aloy's friend is, maybe her Dad or some father like figure/friend to her).

If they focus on the gameplay side of things and perhaps showing the odd new machine or natural wildlife and hunting for food.

Guerrilla can definitely show off some people that Aloy interacts with in her travels, as long they don't show what the secrets are or that doesn't lead to reveal some big secrets.

New stuff and how stuff works in the game, along the gameplay lines and stuff that fills the world there's probably ample amounts of that stuff for Guerrilla to let rip on new details at the next major Western conference or both.

I'd definitely like to discover the major story stuff out as I play the game, Guerrilla seems to understand that's what most people want too.

Bigpappy1166d ago

I agree with non disclosure. but I hope they don't end up with a game having too much in common with Scale Bound or vice versa. Would like them to remain unique

Persistantthug1166d ago

Me, Personally,

I wouldn't mind the extra details.

By the gameplay, it doesn't seem like it matters either's a bonafide "buy".

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Rimeskeem1167d ago

Good, wait till next E3 and just hit the grandslam!

Majin-vegeta1167d ago

I hope they release it during Spring or Summer drought April-July.

nucky641167d ago

well, right now, for "spring" there is already UC4, dark souls3, doom4 and mafia3 - I'd hope for july-august......hey, it's a day1 purchase regardless!

loopygames1167d ago

I think Sony will save Horizon and Last Guardian for Holiday 2016. Ratchet & Clank, Street Fighter V, No Man’s Sky, and Uncharted 4 will fill out Spring - Summer 2016.

Travis37081167d ago

Nah... it needs to release in the fall..

Let Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank and many others take the Spring/Summer.

scark921167d ago

Agreed! Need to be blown away again, I like surprises!

jdaboss1166d ago

UC4, doom, dark souls 3, mafia3, deus ex human revolution, for spring.. plenty to play.

Relientk771167d ago

Fine with me, I'm still drooling at the robot dinos

DragonDDark1167d ago

That's what fallout 4 is doing :)
Which is great imo

Travis37081167d ago

2016 is gonna be awesome!!!!

Majin-vegeta1166d ago

*Nah... it needs to release in the fall..

I dont think that's a good idea especially with a new IP.Due to all the yearly releases that get releasd around that time.It would be bad.

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