Too Human Demo: Vindication for Denis Dyack writes: Everyone knows the long and sordid history of Silicon Knights' new game for the Xbox 360, Too Human. It had a terrible showing at E3 in 2006, is part of a huge lawsuit against Unreal 3 engine maker Epic Games and is being led by one of the industries most outspoken individuals in Denis Dyack. Since that poor showing in 2006 Too Human has been on its heels trying to repair the damage done by an on-floor demo that was crippled by an incomplete Unreal Engine and in a form not ready to be seen by the public. For Dyack, this battle has raged on now for almost 3 years…and is finally about to come to its dramatic conclusion. The game is finally releasing in August of 2008 and, as promised, Canada's own Silicon Knights have released a demo for a game many not only expect to fail, but want to fail. Dyack has ruffled enough feathers and talked enough game to rile up the most outspoken gamers in the community. The question now is, did Dyack deliver a hit, or is it another Haze?

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CyberSentinel3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

My game is already preordered at gamestop. I can't wait.
The demo is great. Combo's, crafted loot, runes, charms, upgradable gear, diverse ways of killing the trolls(huge mech robots), level and skill advance trees, all very sweet! Here is hoping Neogaf changes their web address to
Vindication indeed.

Buck you haters!

green3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

The funny thing is that, i almost canceled my pre-order for Too Human just before the demo came out based on the negative previews that were popping up.

Releasing a demo for Too Human was the smartest thing they did because it has shown that the game is very very good but above all else, that the gaming media can be very biased by willingly giving a game negative previews in order for the game to fail just because you have some hidden agenda against the developer.

I hope Too Human becomes a success so that Microsoft will have a reason to fund the development of the rest of the trilogy but if the game fails due to the biased previews that it initially hard,then these journalists would have not only punished Denis Dyack but indirectly and most important, robbed us gamers of ever having a chance to complete a masterpiece that might have been the Too Human Trilogy.

elitewh0re3712d ago

agreed, i understand how some people can have a problem with DD in particular as he is a bit of a loose cannon, but the game is incredibly fun and I for one can't wait to get my hands on the final retail. I doubt microsoft will withdraw funding from Too Human if it gets less than average scores but if that would happen I agree us gamers are the ones who lose.. :\

Chubear3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

It doesn't take much at all. Some editor tries pulling a fast one and taking a peek at something they aren't supposed to at some convention and gets yelled at by some employee of the studio of the game; then says "Oh yeah, Well we'll see if your game sells after I get other editors to ragg on it"

Editorial gaming sites are like gods this gen and they know it. Whatever they say will not be questioned by the majority of the community and they'd even go to lengths of fighting others who call foul even though they've never actually played the particular game. They just believe anything gaming sites state like it's gospel.

I'm not a 360 fan and I don't have one but when I see the hate for this game coming from it's fanbase I'm just amazed at the power these gaming sites have.

I've seen numerous vids of this game's gameplay mechanics and loads of interviews with indepth info and I just have no clue how this game garnered so much hate. It's mystifying cause the game looks like it'd be fun.

Editorial reviewers and their gaming sites have way too much power over the gaming community. They know this and they certainly abuse it too.

Lyan3712d ago

I need to preface my next comment with the fact that I truly liked and thoroughly enjoyed the Too Human demo.

Now that that is out of the way, I don't think this game will be a "masterpiece" as you put it and it is far from perfect. The thing is though is that it has Amazing potential within its context and concept. My problem is that you can see these great possibilities, but they are not going to be realized in this first part of the series. Combat, co-op, mechanics, and environments have great potential and the demo showed it. The demo also showed how much delay and damage changing engines half way through did to the game by how much will be left out and unpolished. I just wish they had more time to work on this game or had started with their own engine from the get go. Still, it will be a very good game imo.

About gaming journalism, agree with the above posters. I've also read a lot of articles from gaming journalists that are just regurgitation of what another writer has written. Even though they didn't have the same interaction or experience within said topic they still write about it simply to gain attention. Band wagon opinions are epidemic on the internet not simply b/c it's easy to do, but b/c of fanboys and people who think they can spew whatever crazy thoughts they have at other people without thinking about it. Veiled identity lets people say whatever they want and gives more weight to those who scream the loudest.

xm15e2s3712d ago

I can't wait for the full version of Too Human. Gonna be sweet!

I think people need to be reminded that this is the kind of game that can't be fully appreciated until someone has played it for a fair amount of time. It's very deep on many different levels. The 1 hour demo is only scratching the surface.

player9113712d ago

I finally downloaded the demo today... and man was it sweet. This one really caught me by surprise. Initially from the trailers it looked awesome. Then I saw gameplay videos and lost interest. THEN I played the demo and boy oh boy was it awesome.

The gameplay videos made it out to be another Ninja Gaiden or DMC4... but its not. It has a really cool feel too it... kinda like the movie "Chronicles of Riddick".

The game is awesome. I'm gonna try some other players using the hack tomorrow.

green3711d ago

I said it "might" be a masterpiece and i will tell you why.Too Human won't be a AAA game for sure.based on the Demo i rate the game an 8.8.

But it's possible that if the game sells well then more money will be pumped into making the sequel a better game and the final part of the trilogy much much better.

Now when you sum up the entire trilogy it could definitely be a AAA offering.

Lay emphasis on the words i use "might" and "could".I am not stating it as fact but something that could happen.

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GiantEnemyCrab3712d ago

Agreed. Love the demo and it was a smart move to release it. I will be buying it for sure.

Solid_Snake6663711d ago

you would but a bag of poop is M$ logo was on there

TheXgamerLive3711d ago (Edited 3711d ago )

The demo gets better every time I play it, I'm loving this game and can't wait to play online too:)

First time through, I'm going Berserker:))

zer0man13712d ago

I say this with absolutely no bias in my heart, Too Human was just an OK game, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, a game being just OK can be an issue if the developer is telling the world "my game will be the best game ever period".

I played the demo, it was ok but I cant see this game being rated as a triple-A title.

Chubear3712d ago

... Does it really NEED to be "AAA"? I mean, really? So anything that the almighty reviewers don't give a 9.2 and above is now a "FAIL"?

Also, it may be OK to you but that doesn't mean it won't/can't be more than OK to other gamers.

TheColbertinator3712d ago

I dont like to see people refuse to buy a game just cause its an 8 or a 9.

kewlkat0073712d ago

that's whats killing the industry....delusional AAA complexes...

zer0man13711d ago

"Does it really NEED to be AAA"? Given the amount of press, Denis Dyack hype and development time, Yes.

"Also, it may be OK to you but that doesn't mean it won't/can't be more than OK to other gamers".

I never said other gamers couldn't have a different opinion of the game, in fact doesnt this article reflect a more optimistic opinion of the game than my own.

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Fade_Walker3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

At first I didn't know if Too Human would ever come out, so I canceled my pre-order. Then I played the demo and I actually enjoyed it! The camera may not be perfect, but it's better then some other games (Dino Crisis 3 anyone?) and once you get used to the combat it makes it enjoyable. Plus I got a armor set that was actually pretty sweet...then the demo ended.

I'm not quite sure if it will be the hit that Microsoft is looking for, but I don't think it will be another Haze (and Haze isn't the worst game ever either).

Plus who knows how old the demo is? It could be from six months ago and the camera could have improved by now.

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