Microsoft and Bungie Having Relationship Problems?

By now, almost everyone knows about Microsoft's very unusual decision to not show Bungie's Halo game at E3 last week.

But after that decision, much sniping has been going on between Microsoft and Bungie. Do I sense a breakup coming soon?

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Poor Xbots3557d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, you now M$ is trash. Poor Xbots, SONY will never do this. Poos Xbots, you will see BUNGIE in the future develop a PS3 exclusive to take advantage of the cell and its bluray advantage.

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BulletToothtony3557d ago

maybe there was some fine print and Bungie got upset... i mean why else would a company after striking gold and make millions leave MS...?? It has to be money related.

I also think that both companies couldn't get to an arrangement by E3 and before they announce anything they have to be in the same page... so they just left the page blank..

I do think that this whole shenanigans seems a bit fishy thou...

Agree - If you think that bungie/MS are having problems

Disagree - If you think that they're working in something too great to show this early.

Megatron083556d ago

Well its rumored that MS will be throwing some huge Halo event (Halocon). They actually said that E3 is to small for Halo. With the new E3 being close to the public maybe MS really did what was best for Bungie. They say they are all about their fans so wouldnt it be better to show it at something that was open to the public and their fans.

StephanieBBB3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I think that Bungie feels very limited to Microsoft and the xbox360 and they want to be able to utilize the blueray and cell processor for PS3 and motion controler for the wii if they wanted to. Having to stick to one console and only really reaching out to people in the US is not good for buissness.

Halochampian3556d ago

hahaha... Bungie is loaded in the money and they love the 360. Bungie bought themselves from MS because they like to have that INDEPENDENT feel that they are use to having.

They know where their fans are and they are probably the developer that is CLOSEST to their fans. proves that. If there fans are only in America, and sold that many copies and made soo much money, I think they will continue to deliver to their fans

Wii60Fan3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Microsoft? LOL your not serious are you?

Ahh think i'll go play me some halo 3 right now just because i can. So sorry all you Microsoft haters out there.

thebudgetgamer3556d ago

but giving the axe to the people that all but single handedly saved the ms gaming division is never a good idea

Lifendz3556d ago

just give them a special event all it's own. Easy fix.

otherZinc3556d ago

Nintendo & SONY's conferences were to weak to show their knock-out punch that would be HALO NEXT!


Panthers3556d ago

You obviously didnt read or understand his comment. He ment that some money didnt end up on Bungies end that should have... meaning M$ maybe kept a little too much. Completely believable.

3556d ago
motts3554d ago

I dont know about that, but i sure hope so!

I dont know why everyone loves to hate on halo, its one of my favorite games ever and all ive ever owned are ps1 through 3. At least my roommate has a 360 :p

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InMyOpinion3557d ago

This Don Mattrick dude seems to be doing a lot of things the wrong way.

Hellraizer3557d ago

Like getting FFXIII?

IMO, Mattrick does things way better than Moore. Mattrick is also a former dev so he is closer to things than any manager that just gets into the industry by accident ;)

I dont think that MS and Bungie have problems, if MS was willing to let them go (MS, letting something go, not really usual for them) then its probably a healthy relationship...but its definitely not perfect.

InMyOpinion3557d ago

You have a point there. None of us know the real truth behind the E3 Bungie story, and going multiplatform could have been SquareEnix's own decision, as crazy as that may sound. But if Don did secure it then he deserves some cred.

e8t bit3557d ago

Excuse me if I'm wrong but two or three quotes aren't enough proof in this matter. None of us know specifically what went down so none of us should make assumptions.

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