Why Xbox One is Still a Tough Sell for Multi-Console Owners

VGChartz's Evan Norris: "Right now, Microsoft, in collaboration with select retailers, is offering a generous deal for prospective Xbox One owners - buy an Xbox One (with Halo: The Master Chief Collection or two Assassin's Creed games) and get a free retail game. Potential buyers can choose from a long list of games which includes Batman: Arkham Knight, Elder Scrolls Online, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Depending on which bundle you choose, that's as many as five games and a current-gen system for $400. Not bad at all.

Yet I'm unmoved. Despite this generous offer and despite Microsoft's strong showing at this year's E3, I'm reluctant to invest in the Xbox One ecosystem. Why? Well, there are several reasons. But the most important, by far, is what I already own."

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headblackman1148d ago

it's not a tough sale, but the only thing that makes it seem tough is the media and how they use their bias views to promote negativity around the xbox one. so getting around the media or winning them over is the only hard thing that i see in this generation. it's not the xbox as a console or microsoft as a company. it's just pure hatred and hypocrisy that's making it hard for the xbox one.

Agheil1148d ago

You're acting as if Microsoft broke some illuminati oath and now they're recieving the consequences .... Relax...

FarEastOrient1148d ago

Wow, where were you during the first four years of the PS3? Media bias?

miyamoto1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

What MS Xbox did against the gamers and the gaming industry in 2013 is still very fresh in millions of minds around the world.

MS brought it upon themselves. There is no one else to blame but them.
WHy would you give Adolf Hitler another stab at world domination is beyond me?

Grown Folks Talk1147d ago

It amazes me how when it's something seen as negative, everybody is a hardcore gamer with elephant memory. When it's something positive, all of a sudden everybody is casuals, & don't look up information.

Anybody who truly was in an uproar about the original policies is either never getting the system, or has moved on & picked one up after the changes. Casual purchasers don't care about the reveal.

Jmanzare1147d ago

Did you really just compare xbox to Hitler.. Please go away

Gunstar751148d ago

If you grew up on PS brands then you won't be moved...

This whole fanboy rhetoric is getting out of control and makes us all look like adolescent assholes.

I am really looking forward to Halo 5, whereas if you aren't into the whole lore of the halo universe then why would you care???

We all need to grow up a bit....

Dowatchalike is digital underground once said.... It applies here!!

Sayai jin1148d ago

So you speak for those of us that grew on PS brands? I did and I have always been about games. That's why I brought a system from the big 3 each generation. I knew they all had several games and feature I would like.

magiciandude1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I grew up on PS since the PS1 and have a long history up until now. I bought an Xbox One last fall and my experience has been far more positive than expected. It's only getting much better this holiday and beyond.

Rookie_Monster1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

"Despite this generous offer and despite Microsoft's strong showing at this year's E3, I'm reluctant to invest in the Xbox One ecosystem. Why? Well, there are several reasons. But the most important, by far, is what I already own." 

"So, as the owner of a PS4, PC, and Xbox 360, I cannot justify spending $350-400 on a system that supports 1) third party content that plays and, arguably, performs better elsewhere; and 2) first party software produced by inexperienced and/or unreliable studios. Nor do I fully trust CGI trailers, even if the people responsible for the games in question are geniuses in the field."

LOL, during the entire article, the author failed to mention or even acknowledge BC capability of the XB1. I owned over 120 X360 games and XB1 BC with the ability to transfer saves, DLCs, cross play against other x360 consoles while alao take advantage of XB1 UI features like DVR, Snap, Screen capture, will guaranteed many x360 like myself will upgrade and a great incentive to get a XB1.

Produced by inexperienced studios? Hmm Turn-10, Remedy, 343i with many ex Bungie employee and Halo 4 under its resume, and the Coilition with Ferguson of Gears fame and many ex Epic programmers, to action game master Platinum of Scalebound, to Metroid and Megaman maker of Recore...that looks like people with experience that MS is working with.

Also the part about MS showing CGI is reply a lame excuse. I mean Recore will be out Spring 2016 and gameplay will be shown later on this year at Gamescom. Speaking of gamescom, the games that was announced with CGI trailers last year, Scalebound and Crackdown, will be shown gameplay at Gamescom this year, confirmed by Phil Spencer. Isn't that better than announcing games that are not even in development yet and is like 2-3 years away?

This piece looks like it was written by a fanboy that hates xbox with no ounce of truth to what he is writting about but just making up stuff as he goes.,smh

SavageFlamingo1148d ago

The author actually did mention BC. Take another look at it.

Software_Lover1148d ago

These narcissistic generations. Who cares why you wont buy an item? What happened to actually buying an item and giving a review?

Spotie1148d ago

You guys bubble people up for the most asinine comments.

If he doesn't care, then why didn't he just skip over the article and not bother to comment?

It actually says quite a bit if you can't review something because you can't find enough interest to purchase it. You guys are super quick to support an opinion on why BC is a huge thing, or why only the holidays matter, or why only AAA first exclusives count even though Ori also somehow counts; but let it be an opinion that you don't share, and you question the need for anyone to voice it.

The XB1 is no longer in the realm of "never buy," for me. But it's still got no games to justify my buying it. BC might have worked a few months ago... probably not... but since then I've gotten a 360, meaning even that "maybe" has no weight.

If I want multiplats, I have a PS4 that will play them better. It may be just a few frames and "only" 180p in these games, but there's no reason to buy an XB1 to play versions that are inferior.

I'm already paying for Plus, and the games that come to GWG are usually games I've already gotten- often a year or more ago- with PS Plus.

I'm not a fan of the controller. It just doesn't feel natural, no matter what arguments some people come up with.

And, as previously stated, I'm still waiting on some games that will convince me to buy it. Quantum Break was promising, but that'd still be just one. No word on a new Lost Odyssey- and not much of a chance, it seems- so there's little promise of games to come that will appeal to me. Just the same old Forza, Halo (did enjoy Reach, though), Gears, Fable.

Variety on every level is served by owning a Playstation. It has been since the first console, throughout each console's life. Exclusive support- third party or otherwise- tends to wane at the end of an Xbox's life.

Hard sell for me.

christocolus1148d ago


There's nothing wrong with his comment. Infact i found it quite funny and i bubbled him up. Any problem with that?

LexHazard791148d ago

@spotie, if you have no interest in Xbox why you and your goons always on the Xbox section? i just want to know.

SonyAddict1147d ago

Look at you lol..looking for extra bubbles by bubbling someone else..pretty pathetic eh!?.

Spotie1147d ago

@christocolus: Nothing wrong with the comment. That doesn't make it well said. There's been a lot of that going on since E3: inane comments being treated as if they really mean something. Not to mention this comment in particular is contradictory: why go directly into an article and then claim you don't care, rather than skipping over it and PROVING you care?

@BaK: -sigh- I'm gonna assume English is not your first language. Otherwise, there's no way in hell you came to that conclusion after reading my comment. It's just not possible that you could see me talk about how I WANT there to be a reason to buy a console, and get out of it that I have no interest in it.

Ignorance truly is bliss.

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WeAreLegion1148d ago

You forget that this happens in every generation. Ever read The Bible? It's human nature.

But most people eventually grow out of it. Most.

Lenrulesdaworld1148d ago

The only issue I have, is that the titles he mentioned though made by 3rd party studios are owned by microsoft. They've announced Scalebound, Quantum Break & Recore which are 3 new Ip's only playable on xbox one, to start this gen. It's only year 2, they plan to announce games from twisted pixel & pressplay at gamescom. To follow that up they've had Ori, screamride, sunset, titanfall, KI, D4, both forza 5 & H2, H:MCC, Dead Rising & Ryse.

Now most of those have rated either highley or very good...minus ryse but fans liked it. On top of that Microsoft have opened up new 1st party studio's. Mojang though purchased actually have two games they are working on niether to do with minecraft. You have games in development and Microsoft have been far from shooter box this generation with their line up.

The areas where weakest is Jrpg, hack & slash & survival Horror exclusives. Who knows what they will have at gamescom, I do know that people have preferences & games appeal to different people. Whether you buy the game on pc or console, no longer matters because this is direction gaming is going.

If people can't see that look at what everyone is doing, cloud services, streaming & digital gaming. Nintendo plans on doing something similar with the NX, they've already spoken about Mario on tablets. If you don't think Sony won't follow suit your fooling yourselves because the money is in games, not consoles. Actually they plan on adding psnow to Tv's, you won't ps4 for that. Few years ago consoles really mattered big time but with these new ego systems, digital content & play anywhere, anytime, on anything mentality it's all changing.

It's changing pretty quickly and the only console company ahead of the curve is MS. Do I agree with exclusives going to pc, HEELLLLL NNOOOO but I understand buisness and growth. This will only benefit MS financially which leads to more games, pc/console deals & xbox exclusives. They'll never appeal to the heavy Jrpg fan, which honestly is myself. But if they do everything else great & continue to keep thier library diverse under Phil they will continue to be successful.

They have been successful & continue to be, this isn't a sony is better than microsoft thing. It's a how can MS continue to be successful, diversify thier library and appeal worldwide thing. I expect we'll find a little bit of that out at gamescom. And 2016 line up is crazy Crackdown, scalebound, quantum break, Forza Horizon 3 (annual) & Gears 4. Not including any smaller ips like a below or Ashen.

christocolus1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Well said.i think we agree on same things. Each console has its own set of features and services which make it unique and able to stand on its own.I don't know about the author but i know people who own PS4's and are waiting to get an Xbox One this holiday. MS exclusives may not appeal to him but it appeals to many others and what does he mean by this?

"first party software produced by inexperienced and/or unreliable studios"?

all the big time developers we know today started somewhere, is he saying MS shouldn't give new teams/studios a chance? also most of theses studios are made up of devs who have amassed experience in this business over the years. Remedy, Armature, Rare, Platinum, 343i, The coalition, Cloudgine, Playground, Moon Studios etc these are some of the devs creating exclusive 1st party content for MS and i don't see the need to downplay any one of them. He talks about Inside and Below coming to PC but many indies exclusive titles to Wiiu and PS4 are on PC too. Lack of new 1st party studios yet MS just opened up 6 new studios and we got Decisive games and Mohjang too.

Phil was made head of Xbox a little over a year ago and so far his focus has been on new content and he has done a great job bringing some diversity too,so i really don't understand this and lastly PC isn't in direct competition with consoles and moving certain Xbox games to PC will help expand their audience and generate even more revenue for Xbox.Many Xbox fans wont be happy about that but it's a wise business decision for the Xbox Division and it will pay off in the long run.

It seems every wannabe journalist is eager to write an article based on his opinion anyways Lets see how Xbox One fares this fall. if he is right then gamers wont bother about it.

Lenrulesdaworld1148d ago

exactly chris, bubble up bro

LexHazard791148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Right on man.. Also from the get a gamer should know Xbox= No JRPGS(well not enough to satisfy an avid fan), but there are other options aswell. You can always pair your Xbox with a Nintendo or PS! Like so many other gamers. Judging from the fanboy rhetoric tho, we multi console owners are in the minority! Hey man keep up the good work!

Sorry for heavy dose of exclamations, very passionate about gaming. Wanted to put a few right there but nah...

Automatic791147d ago


Excellent comment

What I don't understand is how the Arthur fails to see the shear amount of quality coming

Heck my favorites for E3

Tomb Raider
Halo 5

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