Resistance 2 Video - Gameplay Showcase

When the original screenshots were officially revealed a few months ago, Resistance 2 won the interest and excitement of many mainly because of the upgrade of the visual fidelity, the increased colour palette specifically.

Then Insomniac released a Teaser trailer, in which they insisted was run of the in-game engine but many still doubted.

E3, Sony made Insomniac their flagship developer for the PlayStation 3 as they gave a live demonstration of their new title. However, many were surprised at how the graphics displayed did not show the visual leap promised in earlier screenshots. When KillZone 2 was shown, Resistance 2 was pretty much forgotten.

Ted Price wants a word...

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Overr8ed3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

yay commentary!
@ below agreed.

Real gamer 4 life3772d ago


shazam3772d ago

Every time some Sony developer shows a trailer, a bunch of people start saying "Oh thats not possible in real time" or "thats cgi". And then when its revealed that it actually was in real time, the same people start saying "oh well it doesn't look that good" or "well it has low res textures and bland environments and other big terms that i don't actually know what they mean".

It's pretty annoying.

TheSadTruth3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

actually everytime theres a trailer and everyones like "that has to be cgi" it actually turns out to be cgi

Killzone 2, Final Fantasy XIII

Done talking?

Most "Xbots" don't even come into PS3 articles, they are mature and have better things to do then bash a game they aren't going to play. Now click a random Xbox 360 article and tell me what you see PS3 fans say.

Start disagreeing with me to make it seem like I'm not right, k?

And as far as the graphics for the game go, they look pretty good. Particle effects need work imo.

tetsuhana3772d ago

"Most "Xbots" don't even come into PS3 articles, they are mature and have better things to do"

Like you right?

ThatCanadianGuy3772d ago

"Most "Xbots" don't even come into PS3 articles, they are mature and have better things to do then bash a game they aren't going to play"

Ohhh man,your sooo full of sh!t it's not even funny.

Look in the open zone --------->

Look who's right at the top,as usual.
Tho there is moron troll fans for both consoles,dont try and act like 360 fanboys are any better.

TheSadTruth3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

I own a PS3. I just checked the entire thread and I'm the only person that could be considered an xbot. Is that your idea of making a point or are you just a delusional 12 year old?

This isn't the Open Zone. I'm not talking about the Open Zone obviously.

Click the front page Too Human article and look at all the PS3 fans bashing it in the GAMER ZONE. Xbox fans aren't any mature you're right, but all the xbots only post in the gamer zone because this is a PRO-Sony site and you are not allowed to say anything good about the Wii or Xbox 360.

poopsack3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

that your contradicting yourself by coming here and answering his comment. Dont you have better things to do? He wasnt talking about if they were CGi or not, he was saying that most say it isnt possible to do in real time. Guess who came on the offensive. He made a bad selection of words, and you have just made yourself look like one of them.

TheSadTruth3772d ago

I'm on the defensive obviously.. he's the one that said something and then I don't see ANY thing of that nature in this entire post. I wouldn't say the word delusional is being offensive, I just see things like they are, why you are blinded by video game infatuations.

Everyone said Killzone 2 was originally CGI, Sony fans said it wasn't. It was CGI.

How can you not remember this? Killzone 2 graphics are VERY good, but that still happened, don't act like it didn't.

Chuck Norris3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Damn. Visually, it's better than I anticipated. We should start a clan here at N4G when Resistance 2 comes out.


The only reason that they're only making posts in the Open Zone is because they were banished there for making idiotic comments in the Gamer Zone in the first place. When the ban is lifted, they come back in the Gamer Zone and do the same thing all over again.

beavis4play3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

i didn't think it was possible for anyone to be that wrong. go check out the gamersyde gameplay trailers for KZ2. they look better than the '05 target trailer. and as for FF13; i don't think sony has any control over that. the game was just announced for the 360! anything that has to do with that game you should be questioning square. and if you think some of the hardcore 360 fans are any diff. than some of the hardcore ps3 fans; then, you are really off-base on that as well. they are equally bad. and as far as xbox fans having better things to do? if that's true, i seem to see your name and others like first knight and Xi and tudors, and dark general.....etc... showing up an awful lot in ps3 threads talking nonsense. maybe you should listen to your post and go find something else to do.

edit: at chuck ^^^^ the clan idea sounds awesome. i'll look you up when the game hits.

Bubble Buddy3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

shazam: You are 100% correct. Bubble up.

Insomniac and Ted Price still continues to impress me with their dedication and work put into their job. Day One Purchase for me. Well worth the $60 because Insomnaic Games are always top of the line.

LastDance3772d ago

lol sad truth....did you just try and own some1 with 2 examples?? haha....yes always use cgi...your right.

Bathyj3772d ago

Sad Truth
you act like you weren't here a year ago when "Xbots" (to use your word, dont ban me mods) were running rampant over every PS3 related thread whether it was good or bad news.

The only reason their type has died down and is quieter now is because they aren't the big winners anymore and everyone knows it.

Not one must have exclusive has been released all year for XB and they have nothing to talk about except PS3, which is all they ever talked about anyway.

Yep when the tide turned, the console race did an about face and the shoe went on the other foot, even the loudest, most obnoxious of them tucked their tails in and ran.

Apparently they only like to play when they are winning. Yes very mature.

Remember Mart, Gone, Bloodmask, keeps trying with the negative articles but doesn't talk anymore. Cyberlemming, jumped off a cliff. Pog, almost just a memory (a bad one), I could go on and on, but I wont, its like bringing up phlem, I'd rather just breathe easy knowing they're gone and now we just relax and enjoy our PS3's in peace, which is all most of us ever wanted to start with.

na2ru13772d ago

Just go and check the OPEN ZONE for a sec - the 1st comment.

Then, shut up

tweaker3772d ago

@TheSadTruth. How can you say such things when the first post in the Open Zone is Xbox's well known biggest fanboy? Hypocrisy in action.

Kleptic3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

I agree with SadTruth...I never see 'xbots' in PS3 related articles...end_mostignorantcom mentever.exe

jwatt3772d ago

Wow so that's real time, it makes sense considering they had something like that going on in Ratchet and Clank with the ships flying around and stuff.

psnSkareFace3772d ago

2 "thesadtruth" who said dat xbots r mature and dont bash games dey dont play wat about "mag" the amount of comments dat said it looks sh*t and will b sh*t

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Meus Renaissance3772d ago

The San Francisco scene is probably one of the most gorgeous and cinematic scenes I've personally ever seen in a video game, but there environments in the game in other parts - like the building textures - need some work.

The game looks really good (and great at certain areas) but also just decent in some. If it was a consistent stream of great graphics, then I believe Resistance 2 would be more anticipated than KillZone 2.

Either way, they're both exclusives - 6 months apart, and I'm sure they'll be fun to play. PS3 owners are lucky this fall.

Real gamer 4 life3772d ago

I am very hyped for resistance 2. I have noticed that everytime sony show a cg trailer, everybody say "No way that can be real time" And momment like this when they prove the doubters wrong is price less. Same thing happen with killzone and now its happening with resistance. This is truly going to be a epic game. Did you see those giant bosses, its amazing.

callahan093772d ago

I agree.

After seeing this video, I'm actually pretty amped to play this. The 300 ft. beast looks like it'll add a fun element there. The graphics are remarkable.

Marceles3772d ago

Yeah that San Francisco scene looks so good, that it makes the Chicago scene look average. The buildings in Chicago reminds me of Half-Life 2...not a bad thing, but San Francisco pretty much set the bar to me on how I think the overall feel of the game should be...epic.

Megaton3772d ago

Yeah, that shot of the fleet in action above San Francisco was really impressive.

Daver3772d ago

@2 Killzone is only 3 months after Resistance 2 :)

HateBoy3772d ago

Yeah, that last scene is really impressive, remarkable indeed!

Liquid Dust3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

I agree that San Francisco looks fantastic, and I am glad they decided to show some high res video of the new enemies. For a while I wasnt seeing much improvement in graphics since they were utilizing an improved Ratchet and Clank Future engine, where that game looks fantastic. But it seems that things are really starting to look pretty for this FPS. Needs a little more texture work and then this game will be hot and ready to pull out of the oven. Im really looking forward to it

Nathaniel_Drake3772d ago

"The San Francisco scene is probably one of the most gorgeous and cinematic scenes I've personally ever seen in a video game"

It's like the Ratchet and Clank background but on hyper pills, which I didn't think possible

TheExecutive3772d ago

ok guys, lets not lie to ourselves here. the environments need A LOT of texture work. There are about 2 good looking textures in the environment, but the only one I can think of is when the Leviathan throws Hale on the ground on top of that building.

Now textures will be one of the last things Insomniac adds to the game but d*mn, the enivronments look very flat. They remind me of resistance 1, they are just larger, flatter environments.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3772d ago

I hear that every time with PlayStation 3 games when the PlayStation 3 is the only TV console to display 1080 at 60fps for games. Crysis looks amazing yet it slows down when there is action. Insomniac are developers that keep the action going without any slow downs. They pretty much make perfect games when coming out. So I would rather have smooth frame rates than super high PC textures without it being fully optimized.

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RonDeMuerte3772d ago

he actually meant COL (Crying out loud)...

Rob0g0rilla3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )


Your useless. You bring nothing new to the table but your fanboyism.

You didn't even watch the video

Your not even a gamer. Your a complete useless tool idiot trolling PS3 news. But what's new. I'm sure someone on this site could of told me that last month.

StrikingDmc43772d ago

that it still looks like a wii game

gambare3772d ago


poor POGMART... it's finally losing his marbles. :(

Jandre023772d ago

Its called shock and awe. Hes so amazed at the graphics he can't anything but laugh. POG I know its amazing. Just get a PS3, you can play it if you want. And hey, when you go to Best Buy to get your PS3 tell em Jandre02 sent cha. My buddies down there will go ahead and waive the PSN fee. That's right, you'll get to play online for free.

(Shh don't tell him :-|)

IzKyD13313772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

keep dreaming, the 360 has already been maxed out in terms of graphics, which is why gears of war 2 looks almost EXACTLY like gears 1 (except they added more than 2 colors this time)
insomniac has proven here that the more time you spend with the PS3, the better your games look
the day a 360 game looks as good as MGS4 or Killzone 2, i'll eat my words (never gonna happen though)

Dark vader3772d ago

He is probably crapping his pants, and shivering with fear.

3772d ago
StayHigh3772d ago

haters go play with ya xbrick

XBOT LOSER3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )



Tmac3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Even if it isn't the best looking game, the best looking games are only found on PS3 lol.

Edit: Yup Confirmed. Better looking than gears.

Pain3772d ago

daaaaa i know its better but i cant say daaaaaa im go smoke some crack hun...

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poopsack3772d ago

look at that your babbling, thats how awesome this game is.

Jandre023772d ago

This game is actually going to be epic. Its looking really good, definitely the best lighting I've seen thus far this gen.

RonDeMuerte3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

during the San Francisco Bay footage!!!!!!??!!! ....I think the water just killed the Gears of War's downloadable content that they're releasing this fall....

@ Strikingly Homosexual

I hear that the 360 is becoming the new Wii!!! that's guys are gonna be getting the superb updated gamecube graphics, and you're also gonna be seeing a lot of new people (Toddlers, children, pedophiles, gay people, and whatnot...) joining Xbox live.....must be very exciting times for you X-bots......enjoy!!

StrikingDmc43772d ago

i <3 u for that comment at basing gears 2 that one is just epic but srsly the wii cud pull off R2 easily

PoSTedUP3772d ago

sorry dude but ur lame......