GameSpy: Flock Preview

GameSpy writes: "Something about Flock immediately draws you in. You look at the screen and you're faced with a world unlike any you've seen before. Is the ground ... quilted? Yes! The terrain is made up of big panels, stitched together like a thick frontier quilt. It's soft and fluffy. Fields of "wheat" are actually big shaggy piles of brown carpet. This is perhaps the cuddliest game ever. You want to just snuggle up on top of the level to take a nap.

You're in control of a soft little plush UFO that pops out of a stitched-together mothership, and your job while invading this uncommonly comfy world is to collect tiny animals. Hardcore gamers might take one look at the bright cheery graphics and say "Bah!" (Ram! Ewe!) But underneath the fuzzy-wuzzy exterior lurks a game with a wicked sense of humor and chuckle-inducing physics puzzles that calls to mind puzzle classics like Lemmings. It was one of the more pleasant surprises of the E3 show."

-Simple controls; unique cozy visual style
-Clever physics puzzles; level editor
-Silly barnyard humor

-How could we say anything iffy about Flock? That would be like kicking a baby sheep in the face

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