Gearbox dev reveals Sony doesn't force Trophy support

Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford has revealed to that there is no requirement from Sony to support the PS3's recently implemented Trophy system.

However, he said that Gearbox will support them. The developer currently has three high profile multiplatform first-person shooters coming out this year and in 2009 - Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Borderlands.

When asked what he thought of PS3 Trophies, Pitchford replied: "That's pretty interesting. I want to play with it first. I think it's a cool thing. I'm addicted to achievement points on the Xbox 360 so I understand a part of what that's about. I actually have over 71,000 gamer points."

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Montrealien3772d ago

That`s too bad really, I like the concept and it would be cool if all devs/games had to implement it.

pandabear3772d ago

Sony themselves stated about 6 weeks ago that they weren't foring Trophy support (yet).

lovedaddy3772d ago

It becomes mandatory Jan 1st 2009.

rbanke3772d ago

Correct, they have not yet made trophies mandatory.

Also @lovedaddy, I dont believe they have set any specific date to make them mandatory, if you have some proof of that, please provide a link. January 1st 09 is just an assumed date from random people on the internet.

lovedaddy3770d ago

Can't link to anything, you'll just have to trust me =)

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SI7VER3772d ago

Trophies=grater sales numbers.


Fowack3772d ago

thats the only thing i got out of this artcile i wonder how he has time to do his job

DarkBlade3772d ago

That is his job playing game and creating them. If you are on your xbox playing your game you will also play others game to get other ideas to make your game better.

jams_shop3772d ago

"I actually have over 71,000 gamer points." you do guys hear how nice that sounds. I really don't know what it means like how much 71.000 points is(value, how long does it takes to get that much or how difficult it's). In the other hand level 30, 50 or 80 that I understand as a RPG fan myself.

DarkBlade3772d ago

lol that why i like the Ps3 trophy system because it doesn't just stack point over and over. The Ps3 rpg element makes me want to get more trophies. also to answer your question each get 1000 points each and some get addition 250. Lol to get 71,000 point he must of bought or rent about 80 because i don't think he got every game to 1000 points.

GameOn3772d ago

71,000 is a lot. each game has 1000 achievement points and its usually hard as feck or takes ages to get all the achievements for a game.

This dude has a lot of play time under his belt.

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The story is too old to be commented.