Here's How The Witcher 3 Looks On PS4 With Day One Patch Installed

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt day one patch has been released, here's how the game looks after the first fixes. It seems smoother indeed.

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Chaos_Raiden947d ago

It looks awesome. Thanks for the share.

starchild947d ago

Wow, they really seem to have improved the look of the grass and other ground type foliage. It now seems to have shadows or ambient occlusion which gives it more contrast and helps it look not so washed out. I noticed it immediately.

methegreatone947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

I think thats how the grass always looked - in shadow.
If you remember looking at the more recent screenshots where it was overcast, with no direct sunlight. The grass looked pretty good there. In sunlight, it tended to look weird.

When there is direct sunlight on the grass, that's when that bad effect you are talking about seems apparent. Maybe they've changed that, but this video doesn't tell.

thehitman1398947d ago

No birds flying around. No squirrels, rabbits, or rly any animals running around at ALL!!! The wind blowing through the trees is nice, but the forest just looks plain dead and empty...

Just saying

WickedLester947d ago

I'm sure while playing you encounter wildlife plenty. Even when I hike the trails near my house, it's not like I see rabbits, squirrels, birds, etc perpetually all the time. I come across them now and then but it's not as prevelant as you try to make it sound.

pcz947d ago

talking from the perspective of a wii and ps3 owner who hasnt joined the 'next gen' or even looked at many x1 or ps4 games in action, i watched a play through of this game today.... i was underwhelmed.

ok, yes, they have packed more detail on the screen, things look more 'natural,' but it doesnt blow me away like i expected. the characters still walk in a computerised/robotic way, as if they are on rails, the animation isnt life-like, the camera judders etc... is this really the next gen? frankly, its little more than a ps3 game with a little spit shine.

i know, i will be called lots of names now, blind, idiotic, a hater etc but really- its good, but not what i expected from the next gen. i remember the first time i played max payne on xbox, or god of war 3 on ps3, those were definite leaps in quality over what i had played before... i dont see that in this game.

_-EDMIX-_947d ago

LMFAO! Sure in less then 2 min do you think you just see some Lion Country Safari junk going on? Where the hell do you live? Africa? The deep, deep lolz.

dmbatty946d ago

The Whitman: Where do you live - the enchanted forrest?

samchez77946d ago

True! But unless you live in a wind tunnel @Wickedlester, do you see every blade of grass moving and trees bending over in the wind? Equally as unrealistic.

I too prefer a fauna populated landscape.

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Christopher947d ago

Not sure how people can say it looks awesome when the quality of the YouTube video is pretty bad. Even at 720p the UI is blurry and you can't tell the fine detail of most things in the game.

Reddzfoxx947d ago

Wondering the same thing its not even really 720p footage. Its like the footage was recorded on a potato.

UltraNova946d ago

PotatoCam in action again? Or maybe its the new compression codec YouTube is using called 'Mashed-Potato'...

MaximusTKG947d ago

How are sooo many people playing this already. I know there are review copies out, and that the street date was broken in Italy, but it seems like everyone is playing it but me haha.

lashes2ashes947d ago

The street date was broken in the Middle East over two weeks ago lol.

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OB1Biker947d ago

The environment and weather make it look so immersive. Awesome

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Ghost_of_Tsushima947d ago

I wish this video was on Gamersyde. I hate YouTube quality. Looks great far as I can tell though.

starchild947d ago

Yeah, youtube quality tends to compress the hell out of footage and smears all the fine details.

This still looks outstanding, I agree.

fiveby9947d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Game looks great but Youtube 720p stream only shows so much....

RedSoakedSponge947d ago

couldnt there be a comparison video of before and after the patch?