E3 '08: And the Winner Is…

With E3's major press conferences now over, its time to take a look at what new things each company will bring to the masses of gamers for the following year. All three press briefings had their high and low points and it was truly a close call. While each company took a different approach, only one can truly be predicted as the E3 2008 victor.

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aggh im on fire3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

I think they were all pretty bad. The lipzig will be better hopefully.
It seems as though E3 is all about pleasing the masses and Microsoft's X days, Sonys game day and Lipzig are for the hardcore gamers.
E3 is a pale imitation of its yester-years, hell microsoft didn't even show the 360 there first, they did it on MTV.
Bring back the booth-babes i say.

Overr8ed3777d ago

Booth-babes made E3 now its lost its flame...

Real Gambler3777d ago

All three conference were not that great. Booth-babes may have helped us forget how bad they were.

Now saying Microsoft won it? It's likely their worst presentation EVER. Apart from FF going multiplayer, it was less exiting than any other presentation they ever made!

"Microsoft came out strong right from the start giving core gamers what they wanted. They showed demos for Fallout 3, Resident Evil 5, Fable 2 and the highly anticipated Gears of War 2. Core gamers can also be excited with the news that Microsoft will be allow console owners the ability to install games directly to their hard drives."

Strong? 90 minutes conference. First 30 minutes showing 4 games. 10 minutes to show Fallout (6 of the slowest kill I ever saw). A totally flunk demo of coop mode for RE. Both multiplatforms. Then sure Fable and GoW was simply awesome.

Now, saying game install is a great news when you know that a good chunk of 360 owners have only the Arcade version? Saying after all the fanboys laugh at Sony's installs? They had to say that because they got FF, and it's the only way they will be able to play it. Sad.
Then 15 minutes for Lips? 10 minutes for the Mii avatars?

They showed almost no games! Pity. In my mind, they were second. And yep booth-babes may have been the only thing saving their conference!

kewlkat0073777d ago

I thought MS's conference was more important to them after 3 years
with the talks of stagnant user-base/boring dash and and not enough outside the hardcore games. They focused on these and showcase some HOT games with the devs playing them.(hands-on approach) It was different with a big BOMB for last.

Sony is accustomed to showing more of it's 1st-party titles(as it has more studios) but to me, only KZ2 and LBP look dazzling. Resistance 2 showcase was retarded/boring.(More CGI trailers/teasers mostly) But they have 3 fronts. PSP/PS2/PS3 so it seemed more satisfying, as there was more content.

Sony chose the wrong horse to showcase if you ask me. Had it been KZ2 and LBP(hands-on)...that would of left a better taste with more analyst/fans.

It was more important for MS to re-assure the fans about where the 360 stands after 3 years. Then it was for Sony that showed mostly CGI games and teasers. Nothing about HOME, and other functions that warrants why it's the better experience.

Ms is proving:

It's getting better.
It's profitable.
Quickly loosing that(Only Shooters Stigma).
Catering to the East(JRPGS)
More Casual Content
Somehow it can get 3rd-party to swing both ways.

Real Gambler3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

"only KZ2 and LBP look dazzling."
They basically didn't show KZ2. That's the worst part about Sony's conference in fact!

"they have 3 fronts. PSP/PS2/PS3 so it seemed more satisfying, as there was more content."

They spent 10 minutes on the PS2 and PSP. Much better than spending 20 minutes showing "Urine the movie" and "Lips" What a waste!

"Sony chose the wrong horse to showcase if you ask me."
They showed lot more horses than Microsoft for sure! Like 5 time more!

"Nothing about Home"
About 5 minutes, showing awesome theme (or game) rooms. What about the little remote control boat. Way more than KZ2 for sure

"Somehow it can get 3rd-party to swing both ways."
Game now cost too much. Unless you have a contract like they have with Bungie, any dev can and will likely swing both ways. Only thing not swinging is first party devs. And if a dev doesn't want to swing, they can buy them (Rockstar)

Na, I'm really sorry, but we didn't saw the same conference!

kewlkat0073777d ago

doesn't happen very often.....

I didn't compare the conferences game for game...I looked at the focal point and where the consoles `are right now respectively and what was important for them to stress.

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i_like_ff73777d ago

They all sucked this year but i think sony had the best showing...Nintendo was utter failure. Ms seemed while showing nice games like Gears 2 and Announcing FFXIII, they didnt really announce any new ips...apart from portal 2.

Overr8ed3777d ago

i heard that it is a expansion pack.

Mc Fadge3777d ago

It is just a bunch of maps

mesh13777d ago

sony e3= resisitance 2.killzone2 shown 3 years ago btw.lbp.
microsfot e3= gears of war 2 ,fable 2,left for dead,infinite discovery,last remnant,too human,banjoo 3,xbox live upgrade,

keep ion minds these are games that you can actually play so going buy this i see why media think microsfot won cause they did.

donalbane3777d ago

I think E3 is dead... almost every big announcement (except for FF XIII) was leaked ahead of time, and the focus didn't seem to be on games. MS and Sony seemed to focus on competition with one another, while Nintendo was like "We're making a killing with this causal market, and we're going to milk it till the udders squirt blood."

Omega43777d ago

MS wins again, and they didnt even need to annouce any new games

I guess a showing of quality games rather than quantity is the key ;)

Origin3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

i dont think a screen going blank and the demo restarting is really quality

i see none of the articles that say microsoft wins even mention it happening