Xenoblade Chronicles X video showcase live stream

Nintendo of America’s Xenoblade Chronicles X video showcase will begin shortly.

Details as to what it will contain are unknown, but we’ll presumably get a rundown of the Monolith Soft-developed action RPG, which launches in Japan next Thursday, April 29. After the stream, Nintendo will house a “Treehouse: Live” presentation featuring the game.

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Big_Game_Hunters1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

So dolls are called skells? This whole thing is just the japanese directs.... kinda lame but without the dub ready yet i guess they can't show much. pretty much confirmed to not come out soon in the west.....

Neonridr1183d ago

because the language is not localized? They always said later in 2015, when were you expecting it? Next month?

Big_Game_Hunters1183d ago

Why not? God forbid as a consumer i expect these people to do their job efficiently, The game has been completed for two months now, FF15 isn't even half way finished but they already have dubs. Why can't i at least expect a dubbed trailer?

Neonridr1183d ago

they showed so much on that livestream.. way more than you would get from an english trailer.

They just finished getting the Japanese version ready. Now they are working on getting the English one ready. That's sorta the order of things for these guys. Not to mention they are not a massive studio.

I watched this stream and was thoroughly impressed with what I saw. No need to fear that the game suddenly won't release on time because they aren't done localizing the game.

Big_Game_Hunters1183d ago

I can watch all that in 3 days if i wanted to when people start streaming the japanese version. What i won't know is what the english VAs sound like. I'm not worried about the game not releaseing by this year or even by august or even july. i'm upset because the game should be out in the next month or two. That could still be a possibility but i doubt it at this point.

Neonridr1183d ago

yeah, I can understand that. But it'll be here before you know it. I am expecting a fall release, hopefully by September. it's ok because I am playing through the 3DS version right now. So it gives me time..

I do wish they had gotten on it earlier though, I mean they would have had all the japanese voice acting done months ago, so they could have easily gotten someone to start working on it now. But if the game turns out to be amazing, then I will forgive them. :P

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DeusEx-Machina1183d ago

That American English narrator is just terrible. Where are the talented British English voices we got used to from the original Xenoblade?