Playstation Video Store not available everywhere? writes:"It seems that the newly launched Playstation Video Store, the store that allows you to watch movies and TV shows isn't available to some regions."

People are greeted with a message "PLAYSTATION®Store is not available in the selected country or region."

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Ghoul3475d ago

So what where the poster if this news trying to say ?

bashing sony for no worldwide availabilty ? comeone everyone with a a bit of common sense knows that it wont be available outside the main areas and even those wont get it at the same time

us now
euro japan fall 08

cp683475d ago

Only is US. thanks sony, as usual we get the shaft.

pwnsause3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

dude they confirmed it for a fall 2008 release, by the time that happens, you wont be sorry, there would be tons of video content to get there on launch day. not to mention you know they have to localize everything overthere since Europe is more than just one country and more than one language.

Fishy Fingers3475d ago

EU also gets PlayTV first. It's swings and roundabouts.

Skerj3475d ago

Wouldn't blame Sony for this one so much as the MPA.

BlackCountryBob3475d ago

Its not that Europe is getting the PlayTV first, its because Europe uses a common standard of digital aerial based TV which no other region has; the states does not have a common ground yet.

I sure hope there is no-one surprised about this not working in Europe, if you thought it would then you are obviously a little naive. You should instead be thanking your lucky stars (like me) that Sony have demonstrated how easy it is for them to region lock the PSN but have just locked the video store. They could have done the entire store and justified it but they didn't.

I'm happy because I haven't lost out on the US PSN store.

PLiPhaze3475d ago

BlackCountryBob pretty much nailed it

Mr_Bun3475d ago

Think Canadians will be getting it in the fall as well? I think I am gettin' screwed!

Tomdc3475d ago

it took microst a year to release their video service in europe after they did in america! a few months is good compared to that!

Mr_Bun3475d ago

Yeah, but there is nothing saying that it is even coming to Canada

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Fishy Fingers3475d ago

Oh well, I'm sure it'll be up sooner or later. Moaning wont get it here any quicker though.

Start a petition people :P

PLiPhaze3475d ago

Oh no, please don't encourage them

Ben10543475d ago

complaining got us in game xmb ofter a year, so if we start now we should have it by Christmas 2009

Mc Fadge3475d ago

Even if you have a US account, it's based of IP address (I assume)

But I'm okay with that, it'll come when it comes <333

GVON3475d ago

I was about to ask that as I can't see it on my American account.

whoelse3475d ago

Aww... i wanted to test it.

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The story is too old to be commented.