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Submitted by daparky 2763d ago | news

Playstation Video Store not available everywhere? writes:"It seems that the newly launched Playstation Video Store, the store that allows you to watch movies and TV shows isn't available to some regions."

People are greeted with a message "PLAYSTATION®Store is not available in the selected country or region." (PS3)

Ghoul  +   2763d ago
So what where the poster if this news trying to say ?

bashing sony for no worldwide availabilty ? comeone everyone with a a bit of common sense knows that it wont be available outside the main areas and even those wont get it at the same time

us now
euro japan fall 08
cp68  +   2763d ago
In isn't available in EUROPE, i can confirm you that.
Only is US. thanks sony, as usual we get the shaft.
pwnsause  +   2763d ago
dude they confirmed it for a fall 2008 release, by the time that happens, you wont be sorry, there would be tons of video content to get there on launch day. not to mention you know they have to localize everything overthere since Europe is more than just one country and more than one language.
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Fishy Fingers  +   2763d ago
EU also gets PlayTV first. It's swings and roundabouts.
Skerj  +   2763d ago
Wouldn't blame Sony for this one so much as the MPA.
BlackCountryBob  +   2763d ago
Its not that Europe is getting the PlayTV first, its because Europe uses a common standard of digital aerial based TV which no other region has; the states does not have a common ground yet.

I sure hope there is no-one surprised about this not working in Europe, if you thought it would then you are obviously a little naive. You should instead be thanking your lucky stars (like me) that Sony have demonstrated how easy it is for them to region lock the PSN but have just locked the video store. They could have done the entire store and justified it but they didn't.

I'm happy because I haven't lost out on the US PSN store.
The Wood  +   2763d ago
PLiPhaze  +   2763d ago
BlackCountryBob pretty much nailed it
Mr_Bun  +   2763d ago
It isn't in Canada either...
Think Canadians will be getting it in the fall as well? I think I am gettin' screwed!
Tomdc  +   2763d ago
it took microst a year to release their video service in europe after they did in america! a few months is good compared to that!
Mr_Bun  +   2763d ago
Yeah, but there is nothing saying that it is even coming to Canada
Fishy Fingers  +   2763d ago
Oh well, I'm sure it'll be up sooner or later. Moaning wont get it here any quicker though.

Start a petition people :P
Ghoul  +   2763d ago
haha ; bubble
PLiPhaze  +   2763d ago
@ Fishy
Oh no, please don't encourage them
Ben1054  +   2763d ago
complaining got us in game xmb ofter a year, so if we start now we should have it by Christmas 2009
Mc Fadge  +   2763d ago
Available only in the US
Even if you have a US account, it's based of IP address (I assume)

But I'm okay with that, it'll come when it comes <333
GVON  +   2763d ago
I was about to ask that as I can't see it on my American account.
whoelse  +   2763d ago
Aww... i wanted to test it.
thor  +   2763d ago
Sucks for those that want it, but hey, we NEVER expected sony to deliver something early, did we?
paul_war  +   2763d ago
SCEA - yes
toothbrush  +   2763d ago
Huh, doesn't seem to be available for me
(goes back to downloading torrents)
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2763d ago
I dont have it up here in Canada eh

First SQUARE b!tch slaps me with the FF13 anouncement.
Now SONY back-hand b!tch slaps me across the face :(
Mr_Bun  +   2763d ago
Sucks for us Canucks!!!
I feel like I have been raped...that explains why my @ss hurt so bad!
LeShin  +   2763d ago
I'm feeling the same, and I'm from the UK. No JRPG's, Late demos, VERY few PSOne games, late PSN games, No video store?

Microsoft, sort out your bloody stupid repair problem and you might have my interest.
psycho360  +   2763d ago

"Microsoft, sort out your bloody stupid repair problem and you might have my interest. "

I dont know buddy but how many reports do you hear about RROD nowadays with the latest iterations? I had one RROD each of my xbox360s from Jan 06 till date. What do u say about that? That doesn't even come close to the amount of fun i've had with it till now. Still surprised broken promises/delayed games/ cancelled games/ Fake videos are not still not considered worse than the acknowledged RROD problems and subsequent 3 years warranty for this.

And not to mention MS's money spending on getting its gamers more exclusive deals and more third party support more variety etc.

ONly real die hard fans of one brand can ignore the 360 this gen if they consider themselves gamers.
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Omega4  +   2763d ago
Delaystation 3 strikes again
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2763d ago
Where's Alan wake? >.>


I dont see it? FF13 in 2010..sad,sad,sad.I'll be enjoying FF versus while your seeing the 360 ff13 demo at E3'09 LOL!
psycho360  +   2763d ago
Alan wake? in 360s 2 1/2 years you got one game ? Lets see GT5, FF, Africa, Getway3, MGS4, KZ2 just off my tongue and dont forget GTAIV getting delayed cuz of your delaystation3.. SO pls shut up.
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ThatCanadianGuy  +   2763d ago
LOL! there's a difference in the quality of the games you mentioned.
They use up full 50GB blu-ray disc's.360's games are made using last gen PC tools.Shouldnt take that long..

And correct me if im wrong,but didnt Rockstar complain that the 360 was holding back develpoment of GTAIV due to small disc space?

That's why GTAIV is as lame and small as it is.

Why do you think Rockstars new game is PS3 exclusive?
InMyOpinion  +   2763d ago
Doing things the Sony way.
SL1M DADDY   2763d ago | Spam
Skerj  +   2763d ago
MPAA folks, with all the bullshit they've been doing lately you honestly thought this would work outside of the US with just a US account? I'm sure they've gotten with the MPA equivalents of other territories and are getting the rest in order.
Expy  +   2763d ago
Not Sony's fault. Every region/country has their proper laws on copyright material, especially when it comes to distribution of "televised" programming and movies.
Close_Second  +   2763d ago
Nothing to see here...
In New Zealand we're still waiting for XBL Video Marketplace. I dare say NZ is pretty low on the list of countries that either MS or Sony will be releasing their on-line video wares.

However, I am more looking froward to PlayTV and hope that hits NZ soon.
Jdoki  +   2763d ago
Dun dun dah! News flash... Service not available in regions/countries it hasn't been announced for yet! Wow, shocking news!

I thought it was obvious this was US only at the moment. Sony mentioned end of year for Europe didn't they?

There's a million hoops Sony will need ot jump through to get this in to every region because of copyright and various other local issues. It was the same for Microsoft when they launched their service.
Shadow Flare  +   2763d ago
This is gonna be another one of those things where SCEE messes up. I can guarentee it, europe will get the video store eventually, it will be sub-par to the US version, we will have no where near the amount of content as the US version and we will get like 2 movies a week. If we're lucky. I hate SCEE SO much, they just hold Sony back. Kaz, when are you going to fire David Reeves?
LeShin  +   2763d ago
Yep, you said it. I see NO advantage in being a European PS3 owner.
AliC  +   2763d ago
PlayTV is a seperate product you need to purchase and is available in Europe first because Digital TV is quite common here.

While I can fully understand that there may be some localisation issues its quite sad that again and again European customers are left out.
waznotwaz  +   2763d ago
Sony,5 out of 10,must try harder.
I fully appreciate that the rest of the world has to be a bit patient on this one,but wouldn't it make a pleasant change to have been told by Sony as to who was and who wasn't getting this service.It would have saved a lot of frantic searching for something that wasn't there and I for one wouldn't have felt the urge to vent my frustrates.I do have to wonder about Sonys PR sometimes.I just feel that much of Sonys bad press could be avoided by keeping us,the gamers,better informed.
felidae  +   2763d ago
as always. Sony makes big promises but doesn't deliver.
LeShin  +   2763d ago
Cool for US citizens, I knew it would be only coming to the US (even though I was secretly hoping I could use my US account), but for a UK citizen.....why on earth do we have to wait for everything eg. PS 1 games, PSN games, video store (don't get me started on jrpgs) on the PS3 when we can get everything already on a cheaper rival? Got to the Official European Playstation boards, everyone has just about had enough of SCEE!

Man, I'm getting sick of waiting all the time.

360 owners, do you residents of the UK have to wait for content as well with LIVE, or does everything come around the same time?
DiLeCtioN  +   2763d ago
not disappointed
i can understand there movement but hey we got play tv 1st correct me if am wrong
Shadow Flare  +   2763d ago
we *get* playtv first. lol im just being picky on purpose
rhood022  +   2763d ago
Look at it this way from a regional standpoint

E3 = US event

Liepzig = Europe Event

TGS = Asian Event

It's possible they're releasing it in that order to give them enough time to cater and upload things for these specific audiences.
dale1  +   2763d ago
well we got psp go veiw,go cam,go explore and were getting play tv soon so no hard feelings here in the uk, would like some more games youv,e got there but there come
Blackmoses  +   2763d ago
Good LORD!!!
They said it was intially launching in the US first, some months back when a video service was first mentioned. That was a no brainer. Just like Japan and the UK got stuff before everyone else, yeah it sucks but it will eventually get everywhere.
Damn, I want that PSP Camera...where is it at for the US?

The funny thing no one realizes they want it until they don't get it!!

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cartman313  +   2763d ago
What's the big deal? The Playstation video store sucks. 3.99 for a rental? Are you serious?! 1.99 for a show? Are you %!^&ing serious? I'll stick to what's on
neil_1980  +   2762d ago
Couldnt agree more!!!

Yeah it sounds cool and im disapointed in the way Europe is constantly shafted but at those prices I wouldnt use it anyway so im not bothered in the slightest on this one

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