New downloadable games for the PS3

If you're wondering about PS3's rival to the 360's Marketplace or the Wii's Virtual Console, then look no further than here, as there are several new games on their way, starting with fl0w, which we mentioned a while back: the flagship downloadable game for PS3. The game has now been dated, and it won't be long until you get to try it out, as the game is launching in two weeks. The developers have also been signed by Sony to produce three more downloadable games. News also broke of two new games currently in development for the PS3 store, and Factor 5, of Rougue Squadron fame on the N64 and GameCube, and currently developing Lair for the PS3, are the developers behind it.

fl0w, (in case you have no idea) puts you in control of an aquatic organism, where you must eat other organisms, evolve and eventually reach the abyss. Yes, it still sounds confusing, but also makes you think "how the hell do you play that? Best check it out". Well, actually you can, since the game is on the developer's website (thatgamecompany). And are you wondering about the name? Well, the following excerpt provides some sort of an explanation:

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