RoboBlitz This Weeks Arcade Title

RoboBlitz" will be available worldwide for 1200 Microsoft Points.

19 levels of puzzle-solving and high intensity action set in seven distinct environments
Free trial version consists of three engaging levels
A new breed of game blending fast paced action, puzzle solving, and a playground of interactive physics
Advanced physics simulation gives the player real freedom to solve problems in creative and unexpected ways
Unique weapons including Fire-Cracker Rocket and Point-to-Point Tractor Beam
Gamers may choose their difficulty level for ease of use and high reparability
Two different levels of difficulty (Normal and Master Technician)
Master Technician mode allows players to unlock new achievements and bonus content
Expect premium downloadable content for this title in the future – providing new game play elements and unique challenges for "RoboBlitz" fans
WHERE CAN I GET IT: Download "RoboBlitz" beginning on Wednesday, December 6, at 1 a.m. PST on Xbox Live Arcade.

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eques judicii4366d ago

til wednesday... this game looks so cool!!

death monk4366d ago

Hmm. At $15 I'm not quite sure if I'll want it or not.

Donkey Slayer4366d ago

I haven't played it though so maybe it will be worth it.

shikwan4366d ago

What are you worried about? There's always a free trial version.

THWIP4366d ago

This game was supposed to come out back in the summer, as the first game available using Unreal Engine 3.

And yes, this game is MORE than worth $'s a full-fledged, next-gen title, with Havoc 2.0 physics, UE3, and late-XBOX 1 graphics. If you don't think that's worth $15, you need to give up gaming.

Bill Nye4365d ago

It still was the first UE3 game to come out. It came out on PC one day before Gears of War did on the 360.