What is a SPOG and why is it racing?

Nintendo of America has an ample supply of WiiWare games sitting in a vault. SPOGS Racing was pulled from it today. As the title suggests, it's a racing game with a twist of crashing into other players and stealing parts. Changing the SPOG driving avatar from a racer to pirate probably doesn't have an effect. It's unclear if SPOGS Racing uses motion control, but the input methods it supports are: a lonely remote, nunchuck, and Classic Controller. With a limited amount of information it's hard to plunk down 1,000 Wii Points ($10) for what aesthetically looks like a lost Nintendo 64 game.

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player9113695d ago

Was this released today? It sounds like it from the article, but I can't find much online about its release

I thought one of the key features was its online play.

There was a preview on this posted on my site a long time ago with a video.

TruthbeTold3694d ago

Regardless of what it may look or sound like based on the "little info" we have on it, as game journalists/commentators they should at least play it before they talk crap. How annoying.