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SaveFerris1416d ago

Cool trailer. Wish I didn't have to wait until next month for this.

supergravity1416d ago

Mission accomplished with the trailer guys, was on the fence was gonna wait...will be playing tonite!

DuoBrian1416d ago

Time for some good ole zombie killing fun :D

supergravity1414d ago

I've had a blast, the extra polish goes along way. Really enjoy the parkour and general evasion techniques that you can choose to employ based on your strategy @ the time. Good job Techland.

Satyre281416d ago

I truly think with the complete open world concept and the world having the two types of adventure with light and darkness is truly putting them game into a different category of open world. The coop looks absolutely amazing as well, gotta say i am super damn excited for this, had it preloaded for some time now cant wait!

FullmetalRoyale1416d ago

I am inclined to agree. I think running around with a friend is how this will be best. Getting cornered, or trying to save each other will be great fun.

Very excited.

Psychotica1416d ago

This is going to be a lot of fun..

snookiegamer1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Awesome Trailer!

I'm waiting on Retail (EU/UK) Dying Light looks super fun!!

Don't want any more Digital games, unless they're Indie titles. Got around 50+ games, and my poor 2TB HDD can't cope with much more. Only 123Gb left!!! ;/

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