Bend Over Dude, You're Getting A Dell

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

"Manufacturers strive to create innovative products and we as consumers work day and night to afford them. We exit our vehicles and are greeted by the open arms of big box retailers housing shelf after shelf of electronic excess.

We fork over handfuls of hard earned cash for microscopic phones and wafer thin laptops. Each item is priced, each price must be met, and it is instilled in our minds that we get what we pay for … but do we really?"

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Twizlex3694d ago

Dell sucks anyways so I'm not surprised.

Tempist3693d ago

No, the blogger is an idiot. He should have consulted Dell about the problem and failing that check the interwebs for solutions. Clearly he found one, but in his failing insight, he forgot to ask the right questions.

I'm very sure that there are a handful of tutorials out there that could have helped and solutions. Basically he made a short story into a pointless epic ballad about registry edits, something I've been doing for 10 years.

And as a last resort a fresh install probably could have fixed problems.

Alexander Roy3694d ago

If you buy a PC from Dell, Alienware, Voodoo or someone alike and then moan about the price, you are an idiot.
Google some tutorials and you can build the same PC for less than half the money yourself.

hynesa023694d ago

id never build a computer myself...i know id screw it up somehow

Karebear3694d ago

I've had pretty good luck with Dell laptops. I'm using a Vostro 1500 right now. Its hard to beat the price. I also spec and buy Dell Enterprise servers for work.

Btw, if you want deals with Dells check out:

Jdoki3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I used to be firmly on the 'build your own rig' train, but I got tired of it.

In the end having a nice warranty and next day service goes a long way to offsetting the extra price. The extra little features are nice as well (Dell can wire up a case much more neatly than I ever could).

Plus there's always the option of using the Dell as a base unit, and then upgrading it at a later date.

Sure rigs can be built for less money with better quality parts, but having built a fair few in my time I have to say I prefer going to a manufacturer and having them build for me. It gives me someone to moan at, and it's usually easier to get things sorted if something does go wrong.

I'm no longer in to tweaking and overclocking so having the best mobo, uber RAM timings etc etc is no longer an issue.

Also, the article is focused on a laptop... Not easy to build your own laptops, and I can't imagine I could build something of the quality of my XPS M1330.

bednet3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

I used to build my own rigs too, but I got tired of trying to find all the parts that I wanted (at the right price)...Then I found this web store that basically builds your rig for you...with no OS or anything installed, all you gotta do is plug the wires when you get the machine. You get all the original boxes and manuals and each part has it's own warranty anyways. You can't choose any part, they only have a few choices but it's all High-end and retail not OEM.

I chose the CPU, GPU, ram, Mother board, Case, PS, everything. for less than buying all the parts separately (100$ less). The best part is that the company is in canada (where I live) so no duties and just 1 tax.

Q6600, 4Gb OCZ Ram, NVIDIA nForce 680i LT, 8800GTX, NZXT 650w...1600$ CDN (in September).

Jdoki3693d ago

Thanks for the info, shame I don't live in Canada! :)

Bubble for useful info though!

richierich3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

I bought 2 dells an xps and an dimension and they sucked balls

tojfs79313693d ago

The first one sucked, why did you buy another dell?