Codemasters Responds to GRID Complaints

Codemasters has responded to irate Race Driver: GRID fans that were stripped of their hard earned ranks in the recent server-wide reset.

"Given the number of reports we've had of people abusing the ranking system to get unfair ranks, it was only fair that we did a reset," said Rich Tysoe, Codemasters' motorsports overseer, on the community forum.

"It's never an easy decision to make, and we'd rather it hadn't come to this, but changes in the patch should make gaining those ranking points back fairer.

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blu3print3664d ago

of the reasons I don't like online play, people go to all lengths(cheating) just to be on top

Mcrmarcher3664d ago

I really,really,really hate cheaters when playing online, I bloody hate them!

Alexander Roy3664d ago

You know, I love cheats. The Konami code has to be the most memorable for me... anyway, cheats can make a game more fun for me. GTA for example, I enjoy just wreaking havoc on the city with a chopper and a bucketload of rockets.
But I never cheat in an online/multiplayer game. That just sucks. If you compete with others, let them compete with your skills in the game, not your ability to use bugs/glitches you read about on the internet.

ChampIDC3664d ago

Totally agreed, but there's always going to be those a-holes that do it just to make other people mad.