Crysis Performance Improvements

Madshrimpsn has an article about "Cuban Ultima Doom Sword's CustomCrysisConfig," a modification that provides the seemingly contradiction of improved performance and improved visuals in Crysis. They offer benchmark results that indeed show impressive frame rate gains and they point the way to FileFront as where to download the mod.

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BattleAxe3664d ago

I don't think anyone actually cares about this game due to the fact that its only on PC. Crytek made a huge mistake by not porting it over to consoles.

Transporter473664d ago

dude no console can handle this game, have you even played it, i can run this thing on very high without a problem and its just amazing i think this game doesn't deserver anything less than an actual pc

AppleSlime3664d ago

I'm getting a new rig later this year, and it's definitely one of the first games I plan on getting.

ChampIDC3664d ago

I plan on getting it once I upgrade my rig. They'd have to tone down the graphics way too much to get it on consoles. This is the kind of game that will steadily sell as hardware gets cheaper, since so many people want it but can't run it yet. Plus, it doesn't have the $60 pricetag that console games tend to keep for far too long.

BattleAxe3664d ago

Spending big dollars on your PC amounts to nothing more than a waste of money. Its sad that you have to upgrade your PC all of the time for new game releases.
Graphics are only getting better on consoles and really, the line between top of the line computer graphics and the graphics on the PS3 is becoming really thin and doesn't justify the investment.

Gorgon3664d ago

"1.2 - Selling 1.5 million copies in less than a year is your definition of a mistake?"

According to Crytek, yes, since they said they are disappointed at the sales and that after Warhead its the end for Crytek exclusives on the PC.

Charmers3664d ago

@BattleAxe that's funny last time I checked the resolutions were actually getting worse on the PS3. Lets see COD 4 @ 1024 x 600, MGS 4 @ 1024 x 768 (a res I dropped about 4 years ago) and GTA 4 @ 1120 x 640. Infact it is becoming a rarity to see HD resolutions on either console. I do know that my PC though can play ALL games at 1680 x 1050. But of course you will ignore all this and keep spouting the console "party" line.

ForzaAzzurri3663d ago

What fudge chuckers like BattleAxe dont realize is that high end pc's are 10 years ahead of consoles and games like Crysis are meant to be enjoyed by people who strive for the latest and greatest. OK, it might be costly but its for an experience that consoles have never and will never deliver.

narked3663d ago

and dont forget all those illegal downloads

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niall773664d ago

Super powers Marines + Jungles + console limitations = HAZE or turok or the start of halo 3.

It the graphics and the physics that make crysis great and I havent seen that level of graphical "oh snap" on any ps3/360 game yet

Lyan3664d ago

I hate to state such an opinion but, it really goes to show the level of coding that was put into the game to optimize it for consumers when fans have to resort to creating mods to make the game run faster, smoother, and more efficient.

I understand that designing games for pc requires a lot of coding to make it viable for nearly any style of setup, but cmon. If your game doesn't run smooth on a 3k+ computer at high settings then its not solely the fact that the engine is so advanced, but rather it wasn't coded efficiently or optimized correctly.

Old Snake3664d ago

SO does this just make the game run better?

Winter47th3664d ago

Yes, it actually does, and I'm amazed by it, I thought this game was broken beyond repair, but the community and their persistence to fix the sh!t storm Crytek created is nothing but admirable.

I used to get 20-28 fps before I installed this beauty, now it's a constant 45-50, using 8800gt, dual-core, give it a shot, it's only 13 megs.

THESWAT3664d ago

where did u install it? like which directory did u chose?

Winter47th3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

A custom directory, you'd have to manually locate it via the installer, quite easy, it goes like this:

C/D:Program files/Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis.

I cannot recommend this mod highly enough, it's amazing, I tried almost every tweak before this, Lexus Silentum and XConfig, didn't work, but this one, leaps and bounds in term of performance gain, same high quality graphics with major performance boost, what more can you ask for?

Now there's no need for patch 1.3 TBH.

diegodon3663d ago

Are their any faults, like less quality image, etc.?

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centrum2k3664d ago

i can play at native res which is 1680x1050. b4 i was forced to play @1440x900 just to be playable. now i m getting 30-40fps on native which is much better.

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