db Techno: WALL-E Review

Overall, WALL-E had the opportunity to actually be an extremely enjoyable game, as there was a basis here for a great platforming adventure. Instead, what we end up with is another movie game which is, to be honest, just average. The younger gamers who loved the movie will still likely love this game, but experienced gamers can get better entertainment elsewhere.

Graphics: 6.5 Not up to next-gen standards, a total lack of detail and polish. Very disappointing.

Audio: 7.0 Follows through in creating the same feel of the movie, well done here.

Gameplay: 6.5 The game plays nicely, but lacks depth and difficulty. Glitches also harm the experience.

Replay Value: 6.8 Those who love to complete things will find reason to play through this again. If you are not one of those though, this is a one and done deal.

Final Score:

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