db Techno: WALL-E PSP Review

WALL-E is not a terrible game on the Sony PSP, as it does do a decent job of combining puzzles, light combat, and racing elements all into one package. There are too many drawbacks to it though which will likely aggravate and turn away gamers. Best to keep this one as a rental.

Graphics: 7.0 The visuals for the PSP version are pretty solid, with decent detail and expansive levels.

Audio: 7.5 Highly-representative of the film, great music and sound effects.

Gameplay: 5.5 The game has a rough time with controls on the PSP, and the lack of any type of checkpoint system is very frustrating.

Replay Value: 6.0 Playing through once can be quite easy, and there is not much to keep you coming back, with few rewarding unlockables.

Final Score:

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