IGN: Wall-E Review

Wall-E falls into that unfortunate category of weak film to game adaptation. With tons of visual issues, a horrible camera and gameplay that isn't particularly striking or innovative, Wall-E does a disservice to the little robot that falls in love. Kids that are fans of the movie will probably enjoy it for an hour or two, but that feeling will quickly wear off as frustration, boredom and annoyance sets in. This may be an instance where you wait for the DVD, or go see the movie again instead.

Presentation - 5.0
Graphics - 4.0
Sound - 6.0
Gameplay - 4.5
Lasting Appeal - 4.5
Overall -

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Winter47th3734d ago

*Yawn* yeah I'm shocked and amazed aha..

When will they EVER learn.

Lelouch V Brit3734d ago

The People Only Play This Game For The Achievements. 1000/1000

Darkfiber3734d ago

Why do they keep making movie games? Seriously, who actually buys this ****?

Rice3734d ago

tons of little kids...