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Ninja Gaiden 2 'horse armor' now on sale

Joystiq Writes:"Let's face it, we hardcore gamers are always looking for an excuse to play ninja dress-up. After obliterating tens of thousands of nameless, demonic foes, what greater satisfaction could there be than in donning a leopard print bodysuit and doing it all over again? That's the thing, palette swaps used to be bonuses for our hard-earned mileage; easter eggs buried at the end of the playing field. Not premium DLC.

In the real world, buying a sassy lil' getup can be a cathartic release. In virtual land you just feel like a chump. So Tecmo, Team Ninja, Microsoft, whoever, take your Ninja Gaiden "horse armor" and shove it!" (Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, Xbox 360)

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Rhezin  +   2490d ago
I'm gonna buy 1
hell they look badass.
ICUP  +   2490d ago
LOL @ story pic. 8D
ActionBastard  +   2490d ago
LOL. Awesome title.
MK_Red  +   2490d ago
Agreed. No offense to the actual game but selling the alternative costumes that should have been in the game from the beginning for FREE is STEALING and beyond disgusting. Sadly many people will buy just like Horse Armor and other stupic DLC.
Seriously, there are some DLC material that are indeed expansions and worthy of additional money while there are stuff that should arrvie with the retail game.
name  +   2490d ago
While I agree it's bad, it's not nearly as bad as paying 5 dollars in MGO for codec responses -_- Ugh, I can't believe I bought them.
RecSpec  +   2490d ago
"Ah hell, I think I have the runs again"

But yeah, pretty weak.
cr33ping_death  +   2490d ago
whoever buys this crap is beyond retarded. open your eyes people, boycott this kind of crap.
Covenant  +   2490d ago
...or just refuse to buy it. Eventually, it will go away.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2490d ago
Apparently people aren't refusing it, so they keep putting these things out. Some games even sell stuff that is already on the disc!

It is here to stay and unfortunately it seems MS is at the forefront of ripping their customers off next to Nintendo ripping their customers off for a piece of plastic (Wii Wheel anyone?).

At this rate, going back to PC might not be as expensive. Almost everything that is part of the game is free after the game is purchased (sans expansions).... Maybe the hardcore PC gaming industry will not die after all.
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meepmoopmeep  +   2490d ago
Covenant, boycotting it means refusing to buy it so that it will be heard by companies that consumers will not tolerate this sort of BS
aaquib5  +   2490d ago
I completely agree MK_red. It's just embarrassing how a company thinks they can get away by charging for "horse armour". I didn't pay when Bethesda charged it for Oblivion, and I'm sure as hell not paying for it now.
Seraphim  +   2490d ago
200 Points x 3 = RAPED. It's bad enough they want to sell them but for 200 a pop!? Give me some of that, I want a hit...

yeah, this is again where DLC blows. Standard content packed inside games of yesterday is now being sold to us at a premium. Sure we get achievements but is that really a substitute for taking away our alternate costumes? I thought not...

SHOVE IT is right!!
user858621  +   2490d ago
hahahahahaha he suits wearin a dress put that in ninja gaiden 3
monkey602  +   2490d ago
I bought the first track released for Motorstorm, three GH3 song packs and the first warhawk pack with the dropship. I'm not one to spend lots of money on an update. I've never paid for anything off of xbox Live. I got the map packs for Gears and Halo free so that made me happy.

Anyway I would never pay for content as stupid as this
tplarkin7  +   2490d ago
Costumes are cool as DLC.
For single player games, I would rather have costumes than new levels. DLC should enhance the game and increase replay value. I wouldn't want another hour of gameplay. I want something that makes me replay the game.
Azures  +   2490d ago
what is this oblivion? horse armor?
meepmoopmeep  +   2490d ago
i hate this DLC trend that's happening. gimping retail games in order to make more profit from absurd things like this.
ukilnme  +   2490d ago
Just great.
I am a hard core NG fan and I must tell MS, Team Ninja and Tecmo to shove it on this one. Make the DLC something worth a gamer's time. I love NG2 but this is truly disappointing.
Aclay  +   2490d ago
Costumes like this should have been included in the game as unlockables. When games are $59.99 a pop, developers should be packing as much into a game as possible during the initial game launch.

MGS4 has 14 unlockable FaceCamo's, and 5 different Unlockable Costumes in the game. There isn't an excuse for Ninja Gaiden 2 not to have a few special costums already included in the game as unlockables.
RufustheSage  +   2490d ago
Errr. . . please let this download be in a Xbox Magazine disc, I really want this badly! I just refuse to pay for it. . . .but there so awesome looking!!
Homicide  +   2490d ago
RIP OFF! MS screws their customers again.
KidMakeshift  +   2490d ago
I beat it once and have no intention of ever playing it again. The awful camera and projectiles out they ass ruined the experience for me. No where as fun as the last Ninja Gaiden
NMC2007  +   2490d ago
Love the title, but we get mission mode on the 25th of July.
SkolarVisari  +   2490d ago
Is mission mode going to be free?
SkyGamer  +   2490d ago
This is really tecmos fault. They are the money-grubbing sob's. They wanted to port Ninja Gaiden Sigma to X360 and a lot of other stuff just to make a quick buck. I am glad that Tomonobu Itigaki and most of Team Nina left tecmo.
juuken  +   2490d ago
*giggles at picture*

Ryu rocks...but that ballerina dress made me lol.
hadouken007  +   2489d ago
payin for stuff like this blows monkey balls,somebody tryin to pay for there new hummer is u gotta pay for sh!t like this,they would have done better if they just made a bighead code like in the old days.

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