Ninja Gaiden 2 'horse armor' now on sale

Joystiq Writes:"Let's face it, we hardcore gamers are always looking for an excuse to play ninja dress-up. After obliterating tens of thousands of nameless, demonic foes, what greater satisfaction could there be than in donning a leopard print bodysuit and doing it all over again? That's the thing, palette swaps used to be bonuses for our hard-earned mileage; easter eggs buried at the end of the playing field. Not premium DLC.

In the real world, buying a sassy lil' getup can be a cathartic release. In virtual land you just feel like a chump. So Tecmo, Team Ninja, Microsoft, whoever, take your Ninja Gaiden "horse armor" and shove it!"

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Rhezin3700d ago

hell they look badass.

MK_Red3700d ago

Agreed. No offense to the actual game but selling the alternative costumes that should have been in the game from the beginning for FREE is STEALING and beyond disgusting. Sadly many people will buy just like Horse Armor and other stupic DLC.
Seriously, there are some DLC material that are indeed expansions and worthy of additional money while there are stuff that should arrvie with the retail game.

name3700d ago

While I agree it's bad, it's not nearly as bad as paying 5 dollars in MGO for codec responses -_- Ugh, I can't believe I bought them.

RecSpec3700d ago

"Ah hell, I think I have the runs again"

But yeah, pretty weak.

cr33ping_death3700d ago

whoever buys this crap is beyond retarded. open your eyes people, boycott this kind of crap.

Covenant3700d ago

...or just refuse to buy it. Eventually, it will go away.

IdleLeeSiuLung3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Apparently people aren't refusing it, so they keep putting these things out. Some games even sell stuff that is already on the disc!

It is here to stay and unfortunately it seems MS is at the forefront of ripping their customers off next to Nintendo ripping their customers off for a piece of plastic (Wii Wheel anyone?).

At this rate, going back to PC might not be as expensive. Almost everything that is part of the game is free after the game is purchased (sans expansions).... Maybe the hardcore PC gaming industry will not die after all.

meepmoopmeep3700d ago

Covenant, boycotting it means refusing to buy it so that it will be heard by companies that consumers will not tolerate this sort of BS

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The story is too old to be commented.