Xbox 360 controller remixed for optimized FPS play

[F00 f00] of Acidmods was not satisfied with his first-person shooter gaming experience, so he modded an Xbox 360 controller so that A, B, X and Y buttons are on the underside of the controller, on the inside edges of the wings where the player's fingertips usually go.

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thewhoopimen3822d ago

I Wouldn't be able to reach them properly. This effectively cuts out 50% of the population with smaller than average hands. Great Custom design though.

Lumpyluf3821d ago

it is kinda lame
i also agree that i probably couldn't reach them properly
but i applaud his effort and originality to create a controller that works well for him

Max Power3822d ago

"The part of the controller you can't see is the position of the right along stick, which has been completely moved to sit parallel with the left analog stick. It is an interesting shift, considering that it seems like a human thumb would more naturally sit on a controller in the old position."

Noodlecup3822d ago

until it becomes a mouse and keyboard

Capt CHAOS3822d ago

Not having to lug a large tray for the kb/mouse on my sofa is a nice comfort feature.

Bolts3822d ago

Optimizing a control pad for FPS is like putting wings on a pig and expecting it soar like an eagle. Its not gonna work, not even close. The real answer is to devise a serious FPS controler for the consoles from the get go. Mouse movements are smooth and natural, nobody think about aming with a mouse, they just do it. Since games are becoming more and more PC like everyday Sony and MS need to find a way to replicate the endless flexibility and accuracy of the mouse and keyboard combo and translate them into single console friendly unit. The first company to achieve will probably win the nextgen war, because it'll actually can the way games are played, and for the better.

Forget about cloning the lame Wiimote, that thing is useles for hardcore gaming.

Noodlecup3822d ago

I agree, but it's gonna be really difficult to create something like that, for me the greatness of mouse aim is to do with the stability of my forearm resting on my desk slightly.

I don't know though I'm sure they could surprise me with something, when I see it I'll be happy.

Bigbangbing3822d ago

i'm Really sorry but this looks like Sh!t

the position of the buttons WOW its looks like someone was on high when he design the buttons positions

the X360 controller still the best FPS console controller ever made...

ps360fella3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

"WOW its looks like someone was on high" that makes u sound dumb lol..............the button placement is awesome each finger assigned a button instead of taking thumb off joystick to go press a button, this way u can still always be in full control of ur chracter

SL1M DADDY3822d ago

I for one have never been unsatisfied with the controllers, both PS and Xbox so this is just amusing for me to see. Cool that somebody was able to make a controller to their liking. Nice work.

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The story is too old to be commented.