Dreaming of Dashboard 2.0

(An editorial piece on the Xbox 360 Dashboard) On the eve of E3, The Fanboys muse on what a reboot of the Xbox 360 dashboard could look like, and how it could improve your experience with your console.

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Condoleezza Rice3823d ago

The Blades are meant to resemble the Consoles curves,so unless Microsoft are going to unveil a redesigned Xbox 360,the Dash won't be changing anytime soon.

Keep the dream alive though,with enough articles on the necessary improvements the Dash has to undergo,Microsoft are sure to start listening!

Yoma3823d ago

I don't like dashboard now. The one on the images at the bottom looks cooler.

Anyway, Microsoft will never be listening to the consumers.

ry-guy3823d ago

I really like the design he showed us. I like the wallpaper idea not being obscured by the blade system themselves. Even if you do buy one of those neat themes all the other stuff clutters and obscures your view of the theme itself.

Hope you are taking notes, Microsoft.

Truplaya3823d ago

its a nice idea and i like his suggested new look. The current one does already show you what's in tray though, and Y is mapped to something but apart from that he's spot on. Allt he wasted space could be used better and his design stops things overlapping each other.

Rich16313823d ago

I agree that the 360 dashboard is in need of an overhaul but his design is too cluttered.

edhe3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

The dash needs to be redone - if only from a performance point of view.

But i think we'd all like to see it tuned for HDTVs, smaller fonts, less clutter, cleaner ins & outs and less digging down to find what we want (use a standardised 'start' button to play games/films/etc from the top level that you see them from, or to join in mate's games (like x for invite)

I like that article, points things out well, well considered options if not entirely up to date but i'm not fond of his style, though i appreciate what he's done in the mockup.

There's a reason there was no spring update, i hope there's something come E3, or something gigantic in autumn.

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The story is too old to be commented.