Developers are playing waiting game with PS3, says GDC organiser

GDC boss Jamil Moledina has told that many studios are holding back on starting PlayStation 3 projects due to the challenges of developing for Sony's new console.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Moledina said, "It's a relatively complex platform to develop for, considering it has a very unique multi-core processor with the Cell. A lot of developers are new to figuring out how to work with that structure, as well as the RSX, the graphics processor.

"A lot of the developers I know are waiting out on the first round and focusing on handhelds; they're creating DS and PSP titles because that's actually a much simpler migration from the current-gen," he continued.

"It's always a challenge for developers to dedicate resources to next-generation titles like this - consider the cost, resources, and time it takes to make these games."

But according to Moledina, things will change as third-party developers get more support from the platform holder. "A lot of Sony's effort has been focused on helping first party understand how to develop games for it," he stated.

"I think you're going to see that knowledge shared more robustly now that those first-party titles are in the can, as it were, or close to being complete."

Moledina said he is confident that the PlayStation 3 will be a success, despite the fact that, "A lot of the games that I really wanted to play aren't launching right now, like Heavenly Sword, Lair, MotorStorm... It reminds me very much of the original PlayStation 2 launch, where there were a hatful of pretty good titles.

"I've had a chance to play around with the PlayStation store, that looks pretty cool too. I think it's going to build up very nicely. So I'm generally optimistic about the platform's prospects," he concluded.

Moledina is currently busy organising GDC 2007, which will take place in San Francisco from March 5 - 9. Visit tomorrow to read the rest of the interview and find out how the plans are shaping up, plus Moledina's thoughts on the downsizing of E3.

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MicroGamer4402d ago

back when PS3 was first announced to be in development because there were no other multi-core processors, but the damn Celeron is multi-core now and there are quad core Pentiums out. Cell's multi-core architecture doesn't impress anymore and apparently developers aren't impressed with it anymore, either, if they are holding back to see how the sales war turns out.

Thugbot1874402d ago (Edited 4402d ago )

What I don’t understand is why the keep comparing the PS2’s launch with the PS3’s launch. One major factor I see in the difference is PS2’s didn’t have any true competition to compete with. Right now the PS3 has the XBOX 360, which has games with better graphics at the moment, the bugs have been worked out for the most part, a bigger library of games, AAA titles and Exclusives, a huge functional online base (XBL), awesome development tools to cut down on development cost, and a much bigger install base. Correct me if I’m wrong but PS2 didn’t have all this to deal with, they had time to correct their crappy launch and get good games out before they saw any real competition.

kewlkat0074402d ago

This end. I could see the PS3 taking the same route but falling into a deeper hole because of the development issues and they are a year late. MS will be profitable soon enough, which would warrant a price cut, while the PS3 won't be for a while. Anyhow competition is great.